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An aerial view of the Big Pool from Toho Unused Special Effects Complete Collection

The Toho Big Pool (東宝大プール,   Tōhō Daipūru), Big Special Effects Filming Pool (特殊撮影用 大プール,   Tokushu Satsueiyō Daipūru), or simply Big Pool (大プール,   Daipūru), was a giant water set on the Toho Studios lot designed by Yasuyuki Inoue[1] and Eiji Tsuburaya.[2] Completed in April 1960 for the war film Storm Over the Pacific,[1] it continued to be used in Toho's special effects films for over four decades. Most notably, it was used in nearly every entry in the Godzilla series up until its demolishing. Its final use was on September 7, 2004 for the filming of the ending of Godzilla: Final Wars,[3] being torn down the following year due to its age and Toho's plans of remodeling. The Big Pool consisted of an approximately 4,000 square meter[note 1] pool of water in front of a roughly 88 meter-long cyclorama.[2] Prior to its construction, a much smaller pool built in 1951 was used.[2]


  • Width at widest point: 88 meters (~289 feet)[1]
  • Total length: 72 meters (~236 feet)[1]
  • Depth: 0.8-1.5 meters (~2½-5 feet)[1]
  • Surface area: ~4,000 square meters (~13,123 feet)[2][note 1]

Selected filmography







  1. 1.0 1.1 Toho Unused Special Effects Complete Collection (1986) erroneously estimates it as 8,000 m2.


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