Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World (Toy Line)

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Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World is a toy line released as a tie-in for the 2005 Universal Pictures film King Kong.


6-inch Figures

The six-inch figures in the line generally come in sets of one or two, along with several smaller human figures. The King Kong figures each have some sort of gimmick that distinguishes them from the others or allows them to interact with another specific figure. For example, the Kong that comes with the juvenile Vastatosaurus rex has the ability to pull apart the V-Rex's jaws, while the Kong sold with the Piranhadon can hold the Piranhadon in a headlock.

The six-inch scale figure sets are:

Skull Island Playset

The Skull Island playset is designed for use with the six-inch scale figures. It consists of several pieces, and includes several human figures and a raft.

Large-scale Figures

There are four larger-scale figures released in the line. These figures are either 12 or 15 inches tall, and all except the 15-inch Deluxe Kong can make sounds. Despite being larger in scale, these figures come with the same human figures included with the six-inch figures. The Bull V-Rex figure can actually swallow the human figures whole, which can then be recovered from a hatch on the underside of the figure.

  • Roaring Kong (includes three humans)
  • Supreme Kong
  • Roaring Bull V-Rex (includes three humans)
  • Kong 15" Deluxe Figure


There are two different King Kong plushes released as part of the line. The larger plush makes roaring sounds when one pushes down on its chest.



There are two separate King Kong costume sets: Electronic Kong Arms and Kong Face and Chains. The Kong arms are oversized gloves made to resemble Kong's hands that function similar to the popular "Hulk Hands" gloves, making sounds when they strike an object. The Kong Face and Chains consist of a King Kong mask and breakaway plastic chains.

Kong vs V-Rex Battling Game

A variation of the classic "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots" game, the Kong vs V-Rex battling game includes a Kong and V-Rex piece, each on a base attached to a control stick. The players use the stick to make the figures punch each other until one collapses.



Candy Dispenser


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The King of the Monsters

31 months ago
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I used to have almost every toy in this line. Good times.


7 months ago
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Same. (It’s interesting to note how much effort was put into these figures)
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