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Species Chuckwalla
Allies Kumonga, Kamacuras, Gopher, Armie, Gecko, Gila
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Invades America Godzilla vs. the Space Monster
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Chuck is a chuckwalla monster who appears in the Random House books Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island and Godzilla vs. the Space Monster.

Chuck is presumably one of several juvenile monsters cared for and fed by Kumonga and Kamacuras in Godzilla Invades America, along with Gopher, Armie, Gecko and Gila. However the young monsters are not described and named until Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island.

In Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island, they almost unknowingly threatened to kill the lives of several women trying to hide from the young monster by almost crushing them as it inflated. The women were saved by the psychic twins, Roy and Amy, calming down the spooked monster and leading it away.


Lung inflation

Like an ordinary chuckwalla, Chuck can inflate its lungs, and thus its torso, when threatened to wedge itself into crevices or tunnels.


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