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Cykor in Reptilian
Alternate names Cyker, Cycor
Species Extraterrestrial reptile
Controlled by Galaxions
Relations Galaxions (creators)
Enemies Yonggary
First appearance Reptilian
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Cykor is an extraterrestrial reptile kaiju that first appeared in the 1999 film, Reptilian.



The Galaxions launched Cykor from their ship. Cykor crashed into the Earth like a meteor, causing a large explosion and knocking Yonggary off his feet. Yonggary noticed something approaching him from underground, just before it suddenly stopped and Cykor rose from the ground. Cykor attacked Yonggary, knocking him to the ground. A soldier distracted Cykor, which gave Yonggary enough time to get up. Cykor attempted to crush the soldier with his arm, but Yonggary blew it up with a fireball. Tentacles grew from Cykor's wound and wrapped around Yonggary, then discharged an electrical surge, which made Yonggary fall down. Cykor shot a fireball at Yongarry, but the monster dodged it then fired back and blew up Cykor's head. More tentacles grew from the wound and launched toward Yonggary, but Yonggary dodged the attack and bit them off. Yonggary then shot a fireball into the wound where Cykor's head once was, making him explode into pieces.


Snapping claws

Cykor's two uppermost arms are equipped with powerful snapping claws.

Fire beam

Cykor can breathe concentrated beams of fire out of his mouth.

Electric bolts

Cykor can discharge bolts of electricity from its forked tail.

Tendrils and limb loss

If any of Cykor's limbs are removed, electrically-charged tendrils will coil out of the wound to continue fighting.


Even if Cykor's head is cut off, the body still possesses enough energy to continue on its fight. When Cykor's head was chopped off in Reptillian, long tentacles or tendrills came out the head and wrapped itself around Yonggary.


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