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This is a list of known monsters and aliens from unproduced media projects (film, television, literature, etc.) and abandoned concepts from completed ones, organized by the medium they appeared in and in alphabetical order. The list is meant to be comprehensive but, given the obscure subject matter, it may be incomplete.

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Comics and Literature

  • Anti-Godzilla (Godzilla vs Anti-Godzilla, unpublished Dark Horse Comics story-line 1996)[42]
  • Biollante Monster Island mutation (unused concept from a scrapped Godzilla: Rulers of Earth storyline)[43]
  • Cthulhu (IDW Comics' proposed but rejected crossover Godzilla vs Cthulhu)
  • Dragon/Hydra from Space (unused Dark Horse Comics monster based off of King Ghidorah)[44]
  • Giant Terminator T-800 (Dark Horse Comics' proposed but rejected crossover Godzilla vs Terminator)
  • Godzilla Clone (unused concept from a scrapped Godzilla: Rulers of Earth storyline)[43]
  • Monster zoo menagerie (abandoned precursors to the Trilopods)[43]
  • Monstrous forest growth (Godzilla and the Lost Continent)
  • 'Mothra surrogate' (unused Dark Horse Comics monster based on Mothra, later reworked into Inagos)[45]
  • Raijin (Godzilla and the Lost Continent)
  • Spiky golden dragon (unused cover art by Chris Scalf for Dark Horse Comics' Godzilla)

Video games


The following are alien races and creatures who are not monsters but were still planned for an unrealized kaiju film project.

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