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The Octopus-Insect in The Lost Spider Pit Sequence
Species Giant insect
Enemies Great Spiders, humans
First appearance Latest appearance
King Kong (1932) Merian C. Cooper's
King Kong

The Octopus-Insect is a giant insect monster that was scrapped from the 1933 film, King Kong, but appears in its script and two novelizations.


Octopus-Insects are so named because they are only ever described as having many octopus-like legs.


The only description given of the Octopus-Insect in its debut appearance in the King Kong novelization is that it has many legs like an octopus. Whether this refers to its having many legs or its having tentacles is unknown. In Merian C. Cooper's King Kong, the Octopus-Insects are said to be round creatures with many tentacles like an octopus that secrete a trail of slime when they move.


"The Lost Spider Pit Sequence"

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King Kong

The Octopus-Insects inhabited the great crevice of Skull Mountain Island, and lived in the numerous caves that lined it. They were preyed on by the Great Spider. After an Octopus-Insect was attacked by a great spider, King Kong and a Triceratops began to shake human sailors off of a log bridging the chasm. One fell into the slimy mud at the bottom, and was swarmed by six Great Spiders that ate him alive. After the rest of them were sent into the pit, the Great Spiders, Octopus-Insects, and giant lizards all fought for the new carrion.

Merian C. Cooper's King Kong

While the crew of the Wanderer peered into the ravine, an Octopus-Insect oozed along a ledge where a gigantic lizard was sunning itself. As it made its way along, it was sprung upon by a Great Spider that dragged it back into one of the many crevices lining the chasm walls.


Concept art

"The Lost Spider Pit Sequence"


"The Lost Spider Pit Sequence"


  • It has been rumored that some puppets created for the creatures in the scrapped "Spider Pit Sequence" from the 1933 King Kong, including the Octopus-Insect, were repurposed for the 1957 film, The Black Scorpion.


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