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Mutant Space Worm
The Mutant Space Worm in 10 Cloverfield Lane
Allies Alien Spaceship
Enemies Michelle
Created by Damien Chazelle
Played by CGI
First appearance 10 Cloverfield Lane
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The Mutant Space Worm is an alien creature created by Paramount Pictures who appeared in the 2016 film 10 Cloverfield Lane.


The Mutant Space Worm is not directly named in the film; its moniker comes from one of Howard Stambler's conspiracy theories, as explained by Emmett before its existence is known to the characters.


The alien is a quadruped creature with hexagonal-shaped, grey, metallic armor. It has slender arms that end in three fingers and long hind legs. The head appears to be a nonexistent stub at first, but can open up into a false mouth which its true head comes out of. The true head is pale and leach-like, with four fang or horn-like structures on its top and bottom.

Though the connection between them is left ambiguous, the Mutant Space Worm and the alien spaceship which housed it were both designed to look like "manufactured organics."[1]


10 Cloverfield Lane

The destruction of Howard's bunker attracted the attention of an alien spaceship, which dropped down a Mutant Space Worm to investigate. Michelle was unable to start Howard's truck, and trying to open his neighbor's nearby car only set off its alarm. Hiding from the creature in a shed, she found the neighbor's remains and used her keys to distract the monster. As she ran towards the house, the Mutant Space Worm chased her for a time, then withdrew as the craft returned to spray her with toxic gas. She survived by putting the mask of her makeshift hazmat suit back on. Once the gas dissipated, the Mutant Space Worm attacked again, removing her mask as she tried to hide in the truck. It retreated again, this time for good, after the spaceship extended a pair of tentacles to lift the truck off the ground.


Retractable Teeth

Once the Mutant Space Worm presses its mouth up against an object, it can extend its teeth all at once. It used this technique to puncture and remove Michelle's mask.


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The Mutant Space Worm's roar drew upon recordings of whales, dolphins, bats, sea lions, camels, and lions.[1]


  • The Mutant Space Worm was to attack Michelle one more time after she destroyed the alien spaceship, but a test audience rejected it as overkill.[2][3]


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