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Gorgo's father
Gorgo's father watching Ogra make a nest
Species Dinosaurian sea monster
(Ograsaurus narasi)[1]
Relations Ogra (mate), Gorgo(son), various other eggs (offspring)
Allies Ogra
Enemies Armored squid
Written by Mac McClintock, Patrick McEvoy
Designed by Patrick McEvoy
First appearance Gorgo Legacy

The unnamed father of Gorgo is a giant monster who will appear in the upcoming prequel comic book Gorgo Legacy by Titanic Creations. He is the father of Gorgo and mate of Ogra


Gorgo's father is yet to have a name.


Gorgo's father strongly resembles his family but has a reddish mohawk-like dorsal fin on his head, possibly a sign of sexual dimorphism in the species.



Gorgo Legacy

To be added.



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