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Alternate names GFantis, G-Fantis, G. fantasticus,
Prince of the Monsters, Daragon, Ganora, Kaijugon, King Kaiju
Species Gigantosaurus fantasticus
Height 55 meters,[1]
50 metersGvT-MGBF[2]
Weight 3,726 metric tons,[1]
19,000 metric tonsGvT-MGBF[2]
Forms Giga-Gfantis
Allies King Usagi, Godzilla, Anguirus, Varan, Mothra, Manda, Mechagodzilla, Humans, Bullett, Hyenia
Enemies Shirakuna, MechaGfantis, Queen Ghidorah, Zombie Kong, Gigan, Orga, Hedorah, Zigra, Ebirah, Geega, Kirudah, Mechashirakuna, Rayman X
Written by J.D. Lees, Timothy Gagnon
Designed by Dave Filoni
Played by J.D. Lees, Tristan Domay
First appearance Latest appearance
Gfantis Lives! Gfantis vs. Rayman X
Godzilla: Battle RoyaleGfantis vs. Thing

Gfantis (ジーファンテス,   Jīfantesu) is the kaiju mascot of the fanzine G-Fan, as well as its annual G-Fest conventions. He was created by Dave Filoni[3] in 1999, with his backstory developed by Timothy Gagnon and G-Fan editor and publisher J.D. Lees in 2003. Gfantis fiction and comics are regularly featured in G-Fan, and he has starred in several short films shot by Dojo Studios at G-Fest. He also appeared in the 2014 fan film Godzilla Battle Royale.


Gfantis' name, aside from referencing G-Fan itself, evokes "Gigantis," the moniker Godzilla was given when Godzilla Raids Again was released in the United States. Variations on his name include GFantis and G-Fantis. Poster artwork for Gfantis' films render his name in Japanese as Jīfantesu (ジーファンテス), while the Hobby Japan publication Giant Monster Advancement Returns writes it as Jīfantisu (Gファンティス). The latter also provides the erroneous English spelling of GFants.[2]

In G-Fan #43 (January/February 2000), Lees accepted open submissions for the new mascot's name. Gfantis was one of five finalists out of over 200 entries, along with Daragon, Ganora, Kaijugon, and King Kaiju, and the name prevailed in a subsequent readers' poll.[4]


  • Lost Dojo Warriors GFantis Commercial (2011)
  • Gfantis: Worlds Collide (2011)
  • Gfantis vs. Thing (2012)
  • MechaGfantis Backfires (2013)
  • Godzilla: Battle Royale (2014)
  • Gfantis Deathgame (2015)
  • Gfantis vs. Rayman X (TBA) [post-production]

Short stories

  • "Gfantis vs. Hydrogon" (2006) [published in G-Fan #75]
  • "Gfantis vs. Changodon" (2006) [published in G-Fan #76]
  • "In the Shadow of Gfantis" (2011) [published in G-Fan #96]
  • "Gfantis vs. Nemesis" (2015) [published in G-Fan #108]
  • "Gfantis vs. King Komodo" (2015) [published in G-Fan #109]
  • "Gfantis vs. Frankenstein" (2015) [published in G-Fan #109]
  • "Gfantis vs. Raiju" (2015) [published in G-Fan #110]
  • "Gfantis, The Duke, Zargatron: Power Struggle" (2016) [published in G-Fan #111]
  • "Gfantis vs. Chimera" (2016) [published in G-Fan #112]
  • "Gfantis vs. Legendary Beast Werewolf - In the Shadow of the ROCS" (2016) [published in G-Fan #113]
  • "Gfantis vs. Dorugan" (2017) [published in G-Fan #114]
  • "Gfantis, Kodoja, Atomic Rex: At World’s End" (2017) [published in G-Fan #115]
  • "Gfantis vs. King Tako" (2017) [published in G-Fan #116]
  • "Gfantis vs. Yirmatang" (2018) [published in G-Fan #119][5]


  • Gfantis Lives! (2003-2006) [published in G-Fan #63-64, 66-68, 70, 72, 74-75]
  • Battles of Gfantis (2004-2005) [published in G-Fan #69, 71, 77]
  • Gfantis: Heart of the Beast (2009-2012) [published in G-Fan #87-88, 90, 93, 100]
  • Gfantis vs. the Cosmic Monster! (2013) [published in G-Fan #102]
  • Gfantis vs. Jihadon (2018) [published in G-Fan #118]



Lost Dojo Warriors GFantis Commercial
Gfantis: Worlds Collide
Gfantis vs. Thing
MechaGfantis Backfires
Godzilla: Battle Royale
Gfantis Deathgame
Gfantis vs. Rayman X trailer


This is a list of references for Gfantis. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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