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The Cloverfield Monster
Alternate names LSA, Cloverfield, Cloverfield Monster, Hakaisha, Slusho
Species Deep Sea Monster
Height ~240-300 feet[1][note 1]
Length ~1,200 feet[1]
Weight ~5,806.04 metric tons[1]
Width ~740 feet (Arms fully outstretched)[1]
Other Stats Head Height: ~45 feet,[1]
Head Depth: ~50 feet,[1]
Mouth Width: ~15 feet,[1]
Mouth Height: ~35 feet,[1]
Largest Tooth Length: ~5 feet,[1]
Foot Length: ~35-40 feet[1]
Relations Clover's Parasites
Enemies U.S. Armed Forces
Created by J.J. Abrams, Neville Page
Portrayed by CGI
First appearance Cloverfield
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Clover is a kaiju created by Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot that appeared in the 2008 film, Cloverfield.


The monster does not possess an official consistent name, however members of the film's crew and many fans have taken to calling it Clover, a shortening of the film's title, Cloverfield. In the film, the creature is designated by the United States Department of Defense as LSA, which stands for Large Scale Aggressor. In Japan, the creature is sometimes referred to as Hakaisha (ハカイシャ), which comes from the Japanese word for "destroyer" (破壊者,   Hakaisha) and appears in the film's Japanese title, Cloverfield/HAKAISHA.


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The monster is an approximately 240 to 300 foot tall[1] quadruped which possesses a long, fork-finned tail. The uppermost triple-jointed limb pair are longer than the other two, ending in a multi-fingered hand which can bend backward so that the creature can walk on its knuckles. The double-jointed, squat legs are powerful enough to support the creature’s mass, and yet still allow it to move quickly for an organism of its size. Each of its feet are 30-40 feet in length, roughly the size of a city transit bus[1] or a Tyrannosaurus rex. The creature is covered in grey skin that exhibits a white pallor. Tucked between the monster's legs are two "external esophagi," which end in tooth-like projections. The esophagi are used to eat creatures much smaller than itself (such as Humans). In the Cloverfield: Kishin manga, the monster's external esophagi are shown, and long, thinner tubes wrap around victims to bring them in. Its head has sharp, bony features and two eyes with pupils large enough to almost obscure their requisite sclera from view. There are a set of membranous sacks on either side of the head behind the eyes, which inflate and recede back into the head, perhaps in time with its respiration.


While the monster's origins are primarily unknown, it is speculated that it is either of extraterrestrial descent, or an Earth creature which laid dormant deep underwater for a considerable period, and came to land upon being agitated by parasites. The online ARG which was created to market Cloverfield in the months leading up to its release reveals, through several hints, that the monster is indeed a deep sea creature which was awoken by submarines.[citation needed] Special features from the Blu-ray release of the film further reveal that the creature is a juvenile.



Clover appears and wreaks havoc. After many military attempts at bombing the monster and creating much devastation in Manhattan, the monster is ultimately killed.


Physical Abilities

Clover possesses immense physical strength, able to wipe out several landmarks with ease, including ripping the head of the Statue of Liberty off and throwing it like a baseball. Clover's tail was shown to be strong enough to decimate the Brooklyn Bridge, which was later forced to be fortified to withstand 49,200 tons of pressure, suggesting that his tail exerts forces far greater.[1] At one point, Clover manages to achieve a leaping height of approximately 560 feet.[1]


Clover seems to be virtually invulnerable to conventional weaponry, withstanding shells from M1 tanks, AT-4 rockets, F-18 Hornets, a bombing run from a B-2 Spirit, and other high-powered ordnance. The creature was, however, ultimately defeated by a last resort airstrike which leveled much of New York, codenamed the Hammerdown Protocol.



Clover appears in a 2008 manga based on the film titled Cloverfield/KISHIN, published by Kadokawa.


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In Other Languages

  • Japanese: クローバー (Kurōbā)


  1. While a notation in the 'Investigation Mode' special feature on the Cloverfield Blu-ray states Clover's height to be estimated somewhere between 240 and 300 feet in his quadruped pose, he is referred to as both "a 30 story monster" (about 300 feet) and "a gigantic, 350 foot monster" during the 'I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge!' special feature.


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