Giant mosasaur

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Giant mosasaur
A giant mosasaur in Kong of Skull Island
Alternate names Amphibious predator
Species Mosasaur
Enemies Humans, Ewata, Fer'rah
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong: King of Skull Island Kong of Skull Island #9

A species of giant mosasaur living in the waters around Skull Island debuted in the 2005 illustrated novel Kong: King of Skull Island by Brad Strickland, the first entry in artist Joe DeVito's King Kong of Skull Island series. It has since been depicted in other media in the series, including the 2007 Kong: King of Skull Island comic adaptation, and the original 2016 comic Kong of Skull Island.


Depictions of the mosasaurs vary by artist, but are characterized by their great size, and long, eel-like bodies. They are drawn by series creator Joe DeVito with dark stripes and a line of short webbed sails on their backs. Their skin is covered by small green scales, and large spines grow out of their backs and throat pouches, similar to iguanas. They possess big monitor lizard-like heads, and their long mandibles are filled with small, curved teeth. The entry in Denham's sketchbook seen in King Kong: Skull Island Adventure suggests they may be amphibious.

Video games


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #2

One marine reptile, alongside various Pteranodons, attacked the boat that carried the Tagu people, including Ewata, and various Kongs, tipping it over and sending all of the passengers into the water. Fer'rah, one of the Tagu Kongs, attacked the enormous predator, while most of the passengers reached the shore. Meanwhile, Valla and another Kong flipped the boat back upright, following Ewata's orders. After a long battle, Fer'rah managed to kill the marine reptile, and the two washed up on the shores of Skull Island, where various Deathrunners feasted on its carcass.

Kong of Skull Island #4

As a pack of theropods attacked some humans during the seige of Skull Island, an Atu Kong trainer named Gret sent two of his Kongs to attack them head on. The struggle resulted in a female Kong called B'lan being fatally wounded, and tackling the remaining predators off of an ocean cliff and into the mouth of a marine reptile to protect her mate.

Kong of Skull Island #9

K'vanni watched as one gigantic marine reptile breached out of the water.


Kong: King of Skull Island

When traveling to Skull Island in search of his father, Vincent Denham was thrown overboard when his ship was attacked by the creatures in a lagoon. One of them ate a crewmate who had fallen overboard with Denham.



Due to its great size, one marine reptile was seen to be able to tip over a Tagu boat.


The marine reptiles possessed great durability, as one of them was able to fight with a Kong for a relatively long time, although it was ultimately overpowered by the giant ape.



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