GODZILLA (1998 Board Game)

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Box art for GODZILLA
Publisher Milton Bradley
Languages English
Genre Simulation

GODZILLA is a board game manufactured by Milton Bradley in 1998 based on the American Godzilla film released that year.


"A monstrously fun game of daring, dodging and SQUISHING! Godzilla is on the rampage. He's racing around the streets of New York looking for lunch and a quick crunch. Dodge toppling buildings and the Monster's claw to avoid getting squished. Escape the city first with two of your vehicles to win the game. It's a thrill to play Godzilla!"


The board game includes a gameboard, 8 cans of Squish-It dough, a Godzilla stomper, a claw mold case, 9 cardboard buildings, 12 Squish'em cards, 2 dice, 2 label sheets, and instructions. The game is 3D with the cardboard buildings, and it uses clay to mold the vehicles that try to avoid getting squished by Godzilla.



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21 months ago
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no, as if the movie was not bad enough, they had to make it into a game
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