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Gorgo issues
Issue #13
Issue #14
Issue #15
Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes/Sandbox/Gorgo issue 14
Written by Joe Gill
Art by Steve Ditko (Gorgo),
Jack Keller (The American Way and Strength of a Nation)[1],
Bill Molno (The Fisher Man)[1]
Cover by Bill Montes (pencils) and Ernie Bache (inks)
Inks by Bill Molno and Vince Lascia (The Fisher Man) [1]
Charlton Comics

"Deadlier Than Man" is the fourteenth issue of the comic series Gorgo, published by Charlton Comics on August, 1963. It includes 4 comics, a amin adventure starring Gorgo, and 3 backup comics titled, "The American Way", "The Fisher man", and "Strength of a Nation" which was included in man other Charlton comics at the time-along side a short story titled "Unto Dust"


"Deadlier Than Man"

Deep beneath the sea Gorgo and his mother hunted various sea life for food and when they were satisfied, the 2 monsters rested. At night time Gorgo woke up due to sounds on the surface

"The American Way"

"Unto Dust"

"The Fisher Man"

"Strength of a Nation"


"Deadlier Than man"


Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Rockets
  • Nuclear submarine


  • Manuel
  • Phillip Jessup
  • Helen
  • Jim Pierce
  • President of the United States


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