Kong of Skull Island #4

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Kong of Skull Island
Issue #3
Issue #4
Issue #5
BOOM! Studios
Cover A of issue #4 by Nick Robles
Kong of Skull Island #4
Story by James Asmus
Art by Carlos Magno
Colors by Brad Simpson
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Edits by Dafna Pleban
Sales 5,191[1]
BOOM! Studios
Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #4 is a comic book by BOOM! Studios. It was released in October 2016.


While working her way inland with the Kong Tuno, Ewata discovers her cousin Sani the Storyteller's records and fears the worst. On the shores, the Kong Takani demonstrates adept ability with a grappling hook that it uses to snare and drag down attacking Pteranodons. Not wanting to be upstaged by the Tagu Kong, an Atu Kong trainer named Gret sends two of his Kong to attack some Deahtrunners head on. the struggle results in a Kong called B'lan being fatally wounded, and tackling the Deathrunners off of an ocean cliff and into the mouth of a Marine Iguana to protect her lover. On the shores, The Kong and the humans construct a primitive wall made of the remains of the ships, but the Deathrunners break through it easily. Some Kong defeat them, and reconstruction begins immediately under Ewata's control. At that point, Sani leads more refugees into the burgeoning village, and assures the villages that by working together they will rebuild their society. Then an Atu Kong named Janu came ashore after swimming the entire way from the island to protect the Taguatu. Mbeti then recounted his story of B'lan's sacrifice to his Tagu Kong trainer Mbeti. Ewata tries to enlist them to sail back to the island for the wounded as Usana tells the people that their island sank into the ocean as they left it behind, and that K'reti was murdered by a political radical against the integration of the Tagu and Atu people. When the public demands to see the man responsible, and Usana shows them he has already been hanged. As Ewata mourns her loss in the company of Valla, a Kong trainer named Anani informs Ewata that the Kong are incredibly restless and afraid, even with the aroma triggers. Ewata determines that they sense something beyond the wall. V'Drell then dropped into the water off of one of the ships, and walked onto the shore. He tells them that he was caring for the wounded when the island sank, and he awoke alive on the seafloor and began to walk until he came ashore on Skull Island. This miracle is taken as proof of his divine connections, and he tells them that during his hike he had visions of Queen Usana leading the people into dominion over the entire island, and not to live on the shores behind their wall.



  • Valla
  • Tuno
  • Takani
  • B'lan
  • Janu

Weapons, Vehicles, and Races






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