Gorgo #1

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Gorgo (Comic Series)
Issue #1
Issue #2
The Monster from the Sea!

The Monster From the Sea! is the first issue of the Gorgo comic series.


A giant lizard-like creature is spewed from the bottomless depths by a volcanic eruption only to wreak havoc on the modern world.


A group of scuba divers are looking for a gyrocompass worth of $10,000. During their search, a sudden explosion happens near their ship. Their heavily damaged ship Triton was later docked in a tiny Gaelic fishing port. An unknown species of fish began floating on water, as the people were schocked to see them. Joe Ryan and his partner Sam Slade from Triton went to McCartin, the head of the fishing port, to ask for fresh water and repairs. McCartin asks Ryan if he has a permit to work on those waters, Ryan then acts consfused as he doesn't even know that he needs a permit. McCartin only gives them the fresh water Ryan and Slade asked for, and tells them they twenty-four hours to leave the fishing port as he has work to do. They left the port, and a scuba diver swam as fast as he could to them, he was scared. They got him aboard, then he suddenly died. His hand was full of viking gold. Sam and Joe dive into the water to find more gold. They encountered a giant octopus, which then grabbed Sam. Joe shot the octopus with his explosive harpoon, and the two continued searching. An orca was about to attack them, but Ogra comes and attacks the orca, leaving Sam and Joe some time to escape.

Later, Joe and Sam saw men holding torches, and McCartin's young helper, who was with them, was mostly silent. "It's for my father! He died out there today" said McCartin's helper. He explained how they do that after someone dies. They do that for the "sea-spirit", Ogra, as Ogra then comes to attack the islanders.