2075: Meister Titano's Counterattack

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2075: Meister Titano's Counterattack
2075: Meister Titano's Counterattack
Author(s) Yukiko Takayama
Publisher Yosensha
Publish date December 15, 2016
Genre Science fiction, dystopia
ISBN ISBN-10: 4800311276
ISBN-13: 978-4800311276
From "Terror of Mechagodzilla" screenwriter Yukiko Takayama, comes a brand new SF novel (『メカゴジラの逆襲』の脚本家・高山由紀子が書き下ろす”新作”SF小説)

— Tagline

2075: Meister Titano's Counterattack (二〇七五 マイスター・タイターノの逆襲,   Nisenshichigo Maisutā Taitāno no Gyakushū) is a short story written by Yukiko Takayama and serialized in volume 5 of Tokusatsu Hiho. Taking place 100 years after the events of Terror of Mechagodzilla, the story serves as a sequel to the film, in which Titanosaurus is converted into the cyborg "Meister Titano" and Katsura Mafune is revived under the new identity of "Lady Kei."


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