Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #10

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #9
Issue #10
Issue #11
No Place Like Home
Cover A of issue #10 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 6,677[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

No Place Like Home is the tenth issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on March 26, 2014.


"With many monsters now inhabiting a new home, peace seemingly descends on Earth. Little does humanity realize that the greatest danger now lurks under the waves! Lucy and the Kaiju Watchers will have to act fast to determine the nature of the new threat!"


Sanda, having tried to follow his brother Gaira, becomes weak from the strong ocean currents and comes ashore in Brisbane, Australia. Gaira is drawn by the same currents and approaches Brisbane as well. The Gargantuas' scent attracts the attention of Godzilla, who has lost track of the sea monsters he was tracking. Sanda finds himself surrounded by military forces and surrenders, not willing to fight humans.

On board the U.S.S. Simon, Lucy meets with Steven Woods briefly and thanks him for rescuing her earlier, then goes to attend a meeting with Professor Ando and the other Megazoologists. The scientists discuss a new plan to capture and contain kaiju on a chain of islands dubbed the "Monster Islands." They plan to use the mechas Jet Jaguar, Kiryu, and MOGUERA to transport the monsters, though Allison states that in the past, giant monsters were transported by aircraft while rendered asleep. Steven Woods notes that Biollante was burned up and her spores entered the atmosphere, so the island where she was located should be stable. CKR plans to go from island-to-island in the chain to be sure they will be inhabitable for the monsters. Suddenly, Allison tells the others that plans have changed because Sanda has been contained in Australia and that CKR needs to go in and stabilize the situation. Lucy warns Allison that if Sanda has been sighted, Gaira might not be far behind. Woods allows Lucy to go along, since she feels responsibility for having set Gaira free back in China.

Woods, Lucy, Chavez, and the rest of the CKR team are transported by helicopter to Brisbane, with MOGUERA reportedly being inbound as well. On the helicopter, Lucy asks if she thinks that CKR's sonic blasters will be effective on Sanda and Gaira, since they are hominids of some sort unlike most other monsters. Woods remarks that he has no idea how Lucy knows so much about kaiju, to which she replies that she admires them. Woods says that Lucy reminds her a lot of someone he knew. He says Lucy would be her twin if she ever used a giant robot to punch Godzilla.

On the ground, Gaira comes ashore and is fired on by the military. Sanda, not wanting Gaira to retaliate and hurt the humans, tries to push the tanks aside. Sanda is abruptly tackled by Gaira, barely avoiding a blast of atomic breath. As the Gargantuas turn around, they witness Godzilla rise from the ocean. The military fires at Godzilla, but are dispatched by his atomic breath. Gaira helps Sanda get away from Godzilla, but as the Gargantuas move further inland the military opens fire on them. Gaira retaliates by smashing a tank, and Sanda desperately tries to stop him. Gaira punches Sanda aside, but before Sanda can fight back, Godzilla appears behind them both. Sanda and Gaira both try to fight the much larger monster, but are tossed aside despite their ferocity. As Godzilla stomps Gaira into the ground, CKR fire their sonic blasters at Godzilla, distracting him long enough for Sanda to topple a skyscraper onto him. Godzilla breaks free and knocks Gaira away with his tail. CKR fires their sonic blasters at Godzilla again, while Sanda grabs an oil truck and slams it into Godzilla's head, causing it to explode in his face. Godzilla finally gives up and returns to the ocean, leaving the Gargantuas behind. CKR quickly calls in choppers to carry both monsters to the Monster Islands. Allison tells Woods that Ando's team will be waiting on the islands to receive the monsters. He also notes that Lucy's account of what the Shobijin told her must be correct, because something must be causing all of these monsters to appear in the ocean.

Meanwhile, in the waters off San Diego, a Devonian climbs onto a boat and assures the two people on it that he means no harm to their kind, but must warn Earth's leaders about his race's plans.



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