GODZILLA (Scholastic picture book)

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Godzilla (Scholastic picture book)
Author(s) Kimberly Weinberger
Publisher Scholastic
Publish date June 1998
Genre Action/Adventure
ISBN ISBN-10: 0-590-57212-1
ISBN-13: 978-0590572125

Scholastic's GODZILLA adaptation is a children's picture book based on TriStar Pictures's 1998 GODZILLA.


The 32-page adaptation was written by Kimberly Weinberger and published by Scholastic on June 1998. It contains many movie stills which accompany the text.


"He's taller than a New York City skyscraper! He's faster than an F-18 fighter jet! He eats army helicopters in a single gulp! He squashes cars in a single stomp! He is GODZILLA—and he'll do anything to survive! Oh, and, P.S.: He didn't come alone! He brought the family."


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