Third Street Godzilla

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Third Street Godzilla
Third Street Godzilla
The Third Street Godzilla in Always: Sunset On Third Street 2
Type CGI
Nicknames AlwaysGoji, ThirdStreetGoji
Portrayed by 3D Models
Used in Always: Sunset On Third Street 2

The Third Street Godzilla (三丁目ゴジラ,   Sanchōme Gojira) is the Godzilla design used in the 2007 Toho film, Always: Sunset On Third Street 2.


The Third Street Godzilla was given its name by Always 2's director, Takahashi Yamazaki.[1] Its name name comes from Always: Sunset On Third Street 2's title, specifically Third Street (三丁目,   Sanchōme), and Gojira (ゴジラ).


The Third Street Godzilla design was based directly on the GMKGoji, being modeled after sculptor Syunsuke Niwa's garage kit of the GMKGoji. It is very gray overall, with white dorsal plates, nails and eyes, which are similar to the GMKGoji's. Its legs are very spread apart, and it has a thick neck and a long tail, which has a small amount of dorsal plates running along its top. The ThirdStreetGoji has a small number of fang-like teeth, with a short tongue along with a short overbite, similar to that of a dog's according to the director, Takahashi Yamazaki, and is hunched-over starting at the shoulders.



Always: Sunset On Third Street 2


Always: Sunset On Third Street 2


  • Rather than using a suit like the previous designs, this Godzilla was portrayed entirely using computer generated 3D models.


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12 months ago
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I gotta say, I don’t think they should have used the white eyes. I know it’s supposed to be menacing, but it doesn’t make as much sense in this design as it does on the GMKGoji. It made sense on that design because the Godzilla in that movie was tthe original Godzilla reanimated by the ghosts of those killed in WWII, so a zombie, undead look fit the origin, but I don’t think this Godzilla was supposed to be a reanimated corpse. Wasn’t this just supposed to be a tribute to the Showa films, which were being filmed at the time of Third Street’s setting? The eyes don’t fit the purpose in the movie.


28 months ago
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Why is this page named Third Street Godzilla while the others are MosuGoji, ShinGoji, LegendaryGoji, etc..?

The King of the Monsters

28 months ago
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The design is actually called "Third Street Godzilla," so that's what we called this page.


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