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Vertacines in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
Alternate names Verticine, Verticene
Species Avian monster
Place(s) of emergence Hollow Earth
Allies Other Vertacines, Bio-Mimic HEAV
Enemies Skar King, Shimo, Great Apes
First appearance Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
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They're totally harmless. Unless you get 'em riled up, and then they pack about a lightning bolt worth of bioelectricity.

Trapper Beasley (Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire)

The Vertacine (ヴァータシーン,   Vātashīn) is a species of avian monster that first appeared in the 2024 Legendary Pictures film Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.


In Alex Ries' concept art for the creatures, their name was spelled as "Verticene".[1] The spelling "Verticine" is instead used in the redacted text in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire's opening credits.

However, yet a third spelling, "Vertacine," is by far the most common, being used in the film's novelization, Japanese theater program, AMC Theatres closed captioning, and "Monsters of Hollow Earth" home video featurette, as well as the mobile game Lords Mobile. In both the novelization and captions, the name is written fully lowercased ("vertacine").


Vertacines are vaguely-avian creatures with gray-blue skin, bright yellow stripes, and large flipper-like wings. Their heads resemble a cross between a bowhead whale and a flamingo, with the skin under their chin resembling the skin folds of whales. Vertacines also have long, shark-like dorsal fins and a set of smaller wings on their hips. Fur spreads across their backs.


Vertacines are not dangerous to humans unless provoked. Their bio-electricity is an effective deterrent to predators. They are social animals, only shown traveling in flocks.



Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Upon arriving in the Hollow Earth, a Monarch team aboard a Bio-Mimic HEAV soon encountered a flock of Vertacines. Titan veterinarian Trapper Beasley explained that the bio-electric creatures would not harm them unless they were agitated. He deployed the aircraft's camouflage to mimic the patterns on their skin, blending in with the creatures for the first stretch of their journey.

When the Skar King, Shimo, and a group of Great Apes threatened the Iwi city in the Hollow Earth, Beasley used the HEAV's camouflage to lure a flock of Vertacines into conflict with them, noting that it was their mating season. Shimo immediately deployed her ice breath, but missed most of the Vertacines, who assailed the larger monsters with electricity. Though they overpowered the simians, Shimo persevered and shot down most of them with a second ice breath. The survivors retreated.



Vertacines are quick and nimble flyers.


A flock of Vertacines generating electricity.

When provoked, the Vertacine can produce bio-electricity equivalent to a lightning strike. The Skar King and Great Apes were attacked by a flock of the monsters and found their electricity extremely painful, and were unable to mount an effective counterattack until Shimo intervened.


Shimo quickly froze most of the Vertacine flock by strafing her ice breath.

Video games

  • Lords Mobile (2016; added in 2024) - Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, iPadOS, Fire OS



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Vertacine sounds


  • The Vertacines are quite similar to the Psychovultures, as they both are avian and have electrical abilities. Psychovultures, however, will attack humans without provocation.

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