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Jinra in Mikadoroid
Alternate names Mikadoroid, Mikado Roid, Mikadroid
Species Cybernetically-altered Human supersoldier
Forms Nabeshima, Jinra
Enemies Riju, Okazaki
Conceived of by Tomo Haraguchi
Written by Tomo Haraguchi, Junki Takegami
Designed by Ran Ashita
Played by Ryu Hariken
First appearance Mikadoroid
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Nabeshima (鍋島,   Nabeshima), later transformed into the Type 124 Special Armored Soldier Jinra (百二十四式特殊装甲兵ジンラ號,   Hyakunijūyon-shiki Tokushu Sōkō-hei Jinra-gō), is a cyborg supersoldier co-created by Toho, Tohokushinsha, and Tsuburaya Productions which first appeared in the 1991 tokusatsu horror film, Mikadoroid.





Heisei Series


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Bergmann Type 100 Submachine Gun

Jinra's primary firearm is the Bergmann Type 100 submachine gun (百式短機関銃(べ式),   Hyaku-shiki tankikanjū (be-shiki)).

Type 98 Army Saber

For close-range combat, Jinra wields a Type 98 army saber (九八式軍刀,   Kyūhachi-shiki guntō).

Type 91 Parachute

Type 91 parachute (九一式落下傘,   Kyūichi-shiki rakkasan)

Self-Destruction Devices

Jinra is equipped with a Type 3 automatic incendiary device (三式自動発火装置,   San-shiki jidō hakkasōchi) and six 5 kilogram bombs (五瓩爆弾,   Go-kiroguramu bakudan), both as methods of self-destruction. At least one of these means were utilized following Jinra's confrontation with fellow supersoldier Okazaki, destroying them and the facility around them.

Power Sources


Jinra wears a full suit of composite steel alloy armor, lending him impressive durability. He appeared to shrug off fire from Riju and Okazaki's Type 14 pistol and Type 96 light machine gun, and suffered only minor superficial injuries from explosions from Type 97 grenades at point-blank range.


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