Virasian UFO

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Virasian UFO
A Virasian UFO on Earth in Gamera vs. Viras
Targets Gamera
Piloted by Virasians
First appearance Gamera vs. Viras

Virasian UFOs (バイラス円盤,   Bairasu Enban, lit. Viras Saucer) are the main transportation vehicles of the Virasians in the 1968 Daiei film, Gamera vs. Viras.


Showa era

Gamera vs. Viras

An expedition force of Virasians were traveling towards Earth to prepare an invasion of the planet for its Nitrogen, when their UFO was attacked by Gamera, who set one of the segments on fire. The Virasians tried to jettison the damaged segment and fly away, but Gamera pursued the ship and destroyed it. Some time later, more Virasians landed on Earth, and captured two boys named Masao and Jim along with Gamera himself within a 'Super Catch Ray.' After Gamera was able to release the children from the ray's hold, the expedition force used the UFO to deploy a mind-control device to take control of Gamera. Eventually, the two scouts made Gamera disobey the Virasians by reversing the polarity of the Brainwave Control Device and Gamera grounded the UFO, knocking the control segment to the ground after he hurled another piece of the disabled spacecraft at it. After the Virasian Boss merged with his comrades to become Viras, one of his first acts in the ensuing battle against Gamera was to throw more of the spacecraft's segments towards Gamera, though the heroic monster was able to down each piece sent his way.

Powers and weapons

  • The Virasian UFO can fly through space at high speed.
  • The Virasian UFO is divided into several separate pods. These pods can be jettisoned.
  • The Virasian UFO can fire a Super Catch Ray from the space between its pods. This ray can contain objects in a bubble for approximately 15 minutes at a time, or restrain them so a tractor beam can be used to pull the objects aboard. The bubble produced by the Super Catch Ray is almost impervious to damage, but with a significant amount of effort can be briefly and very slightly lifted, as demonstrated when Gamera was able to lift the edge of the bubble to allow Masao and Jim's submarine to escape, though he remained trapped inside. In addition, the Super Catch Ray can be used to transport objects inside the UFO back to the ground after its polarity is reversed.
  • The Virasian UFO is equipped with a Brainwave Decryption Device, which is used to broadcast messages directly from the UFO to a specified target.
  • Many of UFO’s controls are operated by a combination of conventional control panels and telepathy, including a delivery system that will supply the user with an object they request. However, the system will sound an emergency alarm if the user attempts to request anything that may cause harm to the UFO or its inhabitants.
  • The Virasian UFO can fire an energy ray beam from the satellite dishes mounted on each pod. Though it appears to be underpowered, it proved strong enough to briefly subdue Gamera, allowing the Brainwave Control Device to be launched and attached to his body.
  • The Virasian UFO can dispense a fire retardant compound from each of its pods. This was used by the first expedition force in an attempt to put out Gamera’s flame jets.






Bromide cards


  • Much like Gamera himself, the Virasian UFOs fly by spinning at high speed, with propulsion being provided from four engines to keep the craft airborne.


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