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Blockbuster Monster Movie
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Directed by Takashi Yamazaki[1][2]
Production company Toho (executive); ROBOT[2]
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Blockbuster Monster Movie (超大作怪獣映画,   Chōtaisaku Kaijū Eiga) is the tentative title of an upcoming Japanese kaiju film produced by Toho and ROBOT.[1][2]

Development[edit | edit source]

The film was announced on February 17, 2022 (February 18 in Japan) through a casting call posted on production company ROBOT's website,[1] as well as the Godzilla+ application. Little is known of the film's premise beyond that it will involve kaiju and be set in post-war Japan, between 1945 and 1947.[1][2] The film will be directed by Takashi Yamazaki—who previously directed Godzilla in Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 and the Seibuen amusement park short film Godzilla the Ride: Giant Monsters Ultimate Battle[1]—and financed by Toho.[2] In August 2022, Shirogumi opened a recruiting call for effect designers and compositors; the call will close in January 2023 if capacity is not reached prior to then.[3]

Production[edit | edit source]

As revealed through a casting call for extras, the film will begin shooting in March of 2022 and conclude that June.[2] Known shooting dates and locations include:

  • March 17-19: Aoba, Yokohama, Kanagawa (outdoors, daytime)
  • March 30-31: Kasama, Ibaraki (indoors and outdoors, all-day)
  • April 11-13: Seijo, Setagaya, Tokyo (indoors, all-day)
  • April 17-18: Nishio, Aichi (indoors, daytime)
  • May 4-5: Inashiki, Ibaraki (daytime)
  • May 9-11: Okaya, Nagano (indoors and outdoors, all-day)
  • May 12: Okaya, Nagano (outdoors, all-day)
  • May 12: Okaya, Nagano (outdoors, daytime)
  • May 13: Okaya, Nagano (indoors and outdoors, daytime)
  • May 16-20: Chikusei, Ibaraki (outdoors, daytime)
  • May 28-29: Chikusei, Ibaraki (outdoors, daytime)
  • May 30: Chikusei, Ibaraki (outdoors, daytime)
  • June 5: Chiba (under consideration)
  • June 6: Chiba (under consideration)
  • June 11: Chiba (under consideration)

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