Witch Iguana

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Witch Iguana
Witch Iguana in Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Alternate names Iguana
Subtitle(s) Witch of the Amazon
(アマゾンの魔女,   Amazon no Majo)[1]
Species Human
Relations Mr. K (Employer),
Fudora, Garuma, Herodenia III, Icelee, Geno-Bat, L-Banda, Ghost Cat (Creations)
Allies Mr. K, Die Die Gang Fudora, Garuma, Herodenia III, Icelee, Geno-Bat, L-Banda, Ghost Cat
Enemies Rainbowman
First appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Episode 14: Terror Operation M

Witch Iguana (魔女イグアナ,   Majo Iguana) is a kaijin created by Toho who first appeared in episode 14 the 1972 tokusatsu series, Warrior of Love Rainbowman titled Terror Operation M.


Warrior of Love Rainbowman

Witch Iguana is an Amazonian sorceress who was hired by Mr. K to kill Rainbowman using magic. She created multiple monsters through sorcery and unleashed them on Rainbowman, ultimately failing each time.


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Green Blob Thing

25 months ago
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Oh hey, it's Matt Lucas.


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Yes, looks exactly like an iguana.
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