Anguirus (Singular Point)

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Anguirus incarnations
Anguirus (Millennium)
Anguirus (Singular Point)
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Anguirus (S.P)
Anguirus in the Godzilla Singular Point trailer
Species Giant Ankylosaurus
First appearance Godzilla Singular Point
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Anguirus (アンギラス,   Angirasu) is a giant Ankylosaurus kaiju who will appear in the 2021 animated series, Godzilla Singular Point.


Anguirus' Japanese name, Angirasu (アンギラス), comes from the Japanese spelling of the name of the dinosaur genus Ankylosaurus (アンキロサウルス,   Ankirosaurusu), upon which the monster's design is based. The name was chosen from several names proposed by employees of Toho during production of Godzilla Raids Again.


This version of Anguirus maintains the traditional design of the character, being a gigantic Ankylosaurus with a rounded carapace adorned in spikes and a crest of large spikes on top of his head along with a smaller horn on top of his nose. This Anguirus is even spikier than past iterations of the character, with many smaller spikes atop the majority of his head and at least three large spikes on the side of his neck. He also has three rows of spikes on his shoulders.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point

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