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Anguirus incarnations
Anguirus (Millennium)
Anguirus (Singular Point)
Anguirus® (S.P) copyright icon
Anguirus® (S.P)
Anguirus in episode 6 of Godzilla Singular Point
Subtitle(s) Precognitive Monster
(未来予知怪獣,   Mirai Yochi Kaijū)
Species Giant ankylosaur-like reptilian
Enemies Jet Jaguar
First appearance Godzilla Singular Point
episode 4, "Gadabout"
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Yun Arikawa: “It's curious.
Haberu Kato: “Curious? Like playing with a new toy?
Yun Arikawa and Haberu Kato discuss Anguirus' nature as he toys with Jet Jaguar ("Enfatico")

Anguirus (アンギラス,   Angirasu) is a giant Ankylosaurus-like kaiju who first appears in episode 4 of the 2021 animated series, Godzilla Singular Point.


Anguirus' Japanese name, Angirasu (アンギラス), comes from the Japanese spelling of the name of the dinosaur genus Ankylosaurus (アンキロサウルス,   Ankirosaurusu), upon which the monster's design is based. The name was chosen from several names proposed by employees of Toho during production of Godzilla Raids Again.


This version of Anguirus maintains the traditional design of the character's head, with an elongated snout tipped with a singular nose horn, but with spikes running up its forehead into the large spikes at the back of his head and still more spikes running down his cheeks. His body is closer to an Ankylosaurus, with thick, armored legs and a more rounded body. The shoulders slope up into a hunchback, where it quickly slopes down to the tail. The carapace covers the entirety of the back and hangs off the body as it comes to an end. A row of three spikes runs down each side of his neck, while starting at his shoulder rows of seven spikes run down his carapace. Once the carapace splits, 5 rows of spines run down his tail towards a spiked club on its tip. Like many of the monsters in Singular Point, it has multiple rows of teeth, with the addition of penguin-like barbs on his tongue.


Anguirus is a playful and curious kaiju, jumping around recklessly when alone and playing with the downed body of Jet Jaguar. Once provoked or wounded, Anguirus becomes highly aggressive and lashes out at nearby objects and creatures.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


After the death of a swarm of Rodan, their carcasses were gathered up for research and disposal. Finding the site, Anguirus stole one of these carcasses and ate it in the nearby forest. It then traveled to a nearby highway, where it attacked an elderly couple and overturned their vehicle. A JSDF unit was dispatched to investigate, believing the culprit to have been a surviving Rodan. One soldier had arrived only to come face to face with the armored kaiju and fire on it, seemingly getting killed by Anguirus.


Yun Arikawa encountered Anguirus in a ravine, accidentally gaining its attention when it stepped on a stick. While at first curious about Yun, the arrival of Haberu and a pair of hunters startled the kaiju. The hunters fired on Anguirus, but their bullets were deflected by the monster's carapace, distracting the humans long enough for Anguirus to escape. Within a few days, a plan to catch Anguirus was organized by Goro Otaki and his friendly rival Genzo in an evacuated golf course; Goro in a modified Jet Jaguar, and Gen with a harpoon mounted on his truck. However, the trap was soon ruined when Anguirus arrived, having grown from just taller than a human to towering over the truck. Gen attempted to engage the armored kaiju, but his harpoon was deflected, toppling the truck. Just as Anguirus closed in on the man, Goro intervened with Jet Jaguar and prepared to engage the kaiju.


Anguirus battled Jet Jaguar on the golf course, eventually overpowering the mech and playing with its limp body before heading towards a tent for onlookers. The soldier escort guarding the event quickly took action and fired on the kaiju, only for their bullets to deflect back to them and destroy one of their trucks, forcing the other to retreat. Anguirus trampled on towards the tent unopposed until Jet Jaguar reengaged it with Genzo's harpoon, shooting the kaiju in the chest and seemingly killing it. The mayor, who had attended the event, took the opportunity to boast on how he handled such threats while taking a photo in front of the corpse, when Anguirus suddenly woke up and went on a rampage through a nearby parking lot where it smashed several cars and wrecked Jet Jaguar with ease. Yun and his AI Jung took control of Jet Jaguar and began luring the kaiju until it jumped, allowing Jet Jaguar to shoot Anguirus in the head and finally killing it.


Precognitive shield

Anguirus uses its precognitive shield to deflect bullets

Anguirus is able to briefly see into the future by vibrating his spikes which produces an energy field. The subsequent energy field also acts as a shield from attacks by seemingly absorbing kinetic energy.

Physical abilities

Anguirus mainly relies on shoving matches in combat, which was strong enough to overturn a van in his smaller form and halt a charging Jet Jaguar. Anguirus can travel at great speeds on land, able to catch up with a speeding truck. It also seems Anguirus is quite stealthy in that it was able to steal one of the Rodan carcasses and eat it without anyone noticing, silently stalk a JSDF platoon, and disappear while Yun, Haberu, Kai, and a duo of hunters weren't looking.

Clubbed tail

Anguirus throwing Jet Jaguar with its tail

Anguirus' most dangerous weapon is his clubbed tail, as one strike easily decapitated Jet Jaguar, briefly taking the robot out of the fight.

Spiked projectiles

In the browser game Godzilla Singular Point: Escape!! Radio Wave Monster Rodan!, Anguirus is able to launch spiked projectiles from his carapace. These projectiles are powerful enough to destroy the player upon contact.


Anguirus is much less durable than most kaiju. While most firearms leave no permanent damage if they pierce his skin, Genzo's harpoon heavily injured and later killed Anguirus. Alongside this, weapons fired at point blank range will not allow Anguirus to dodge them.


Video games


This Anguirus maintains the character's iconic roar. After when he finishes toying with Jet Jaguar, he lets out a faint Tyrannosaurus rex roar from Jurassic Park.


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