Los Angeles-Class Nuclear Attack Sub

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Los Angeles-Class Nuclear Attack Sub
A Los Angeles-Class Nuclear Attack Sub in GODZILLA (1998)
Length 110 meters
Targets Godzilla
Piloted by Multiple
First appearance GODZILLA (1998)

The Los Angeles-Class Nuclear Attack Submarine is a submarine that appeared in GODZILLA.

History[edit | edit source]

GODZILLA (1998)[edit | edit source]

After Godzilla escaped the military's trap in Central Park, he fled into the ocean, where the Navy was ready to attack him. Three nuclear submarines, two Ohio Class Nuclear-Powered Submarines and one Los Angeles-Class Nuclear Attack Submarine, had been waiting to attack. The Los Angeles-Class sub managed to lock onto Godzilla and launched a torpedo at him. Godzilla managed to swim underneath the incoming weapon, barely dodging it. However, the torpedo was still locked on, and the monster led it straight toward the Los Angeles-Class sub. Godzilla's scutes tore the vessel's hull, and in a few seconds, the torpedo hit the submarine, sinking it. The two Ohio-class subs were left to fight him.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Armed with a variety of torpedoes and cruise missiles.


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