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Yoganzee in Godzilla: Heart-Pounding Monster Island!!
Subtitle(s) Lord of the Underground
(地底の主,   Chitei no Nushi)[1]
Species Magma Wall
First appearance Godzilla: Heart-Pounding Monster Island!!

Yoganzee (ヨーガンジー,   Yōganjī) is a magma wall kaiju created by Sega that first appeared in the 1995 Sega Pico Godzilla game, Godzilla: Heart-Pounding Monster Island!!.


Yoganzee is a giant stone wall with chiseled facial features, revealing flowing magma. He is located deep in a crater at an unspecified location on Monster Island.


Godzilla: Heart-Pounding Monster Island!!

While wandering about Monster Island, Godzilla falls into a deep pit where he is faced with Yoganzee. The being more or less explains he wants to play a matching game and proceeds to spit magma on the ground which transforms into multiple molten kaiju and animals. If Godzilla correctly guesses each one presented to him, Yoganzee becomes satisfied and gives a chest to the King of the Monsters, otherwise he is just sent back to the surface.


  • Yoganzee's only represented ability is to spit magma onto the ground and let it form into a kaiju or animal.



  • Yoganzee may quite possibly be one of or the tallest kaiju in the Godzilla franchise, measuring nearly 3 times the size of Godzilla, who is stated to stand at 100 meters tall.


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