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Minotaur in episode 9 of Godzilla (1978)
Minotaur in episode 19 of Kong: The Animated Series
Alternate names Biomechanical beastKTAS
Species Bull-headed humanoid,
Controlled by Siren SistersGPH
Ramone De La PortaKTAS
Enemies Pete, Godzooky, King KongKTAS
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla episode 9,
"Island of Lost Ships"
Kong: The Animated Series
episode 18: "Welcome to Ramone's"
Kong: The Animated Series

The Minotaur is a creature from Greek mythology known for having a human body, but the head and tail of a bull and for having a ferocious behavior. As a popular creature in mythology, he has been featured in numerous media over the years, including episode 9 of the 1978 series Godzilla and episode 19 of the 2000 series Kong: The Animated Series.


In Godzilla, the Minotaur is identical to its mythological counterpart, sporting the body of a human and the head of a bull, although this version has sharp teeth.

In Kong: The Animated Series, The Minotaur takes design elements from both its namesake, and the Greek Centaur, as it has a quadrupedal stance, something the Greek Minotaur was only ever depicted as having in artworks from later civilizations. It sports two large bull horns, a muscular humanoid torso with two metal armbands, and flat, bull-like face with two yellow, humanoid eyes.


In Kong: The Animated Series, on receiving a statue of the mythical Minotaur for his museum, Ramone De La Porta is inspired to create his own Minotaur using the technology of the Cyber-Link Computer. Despite the Cyber-Link's ability to combine DNA, and De La Porta's proclamation that the Minotaur is biomechanical in nature, he appears to remotely control it like a robot, and it emits gas upon its death, and its eyes go blank, which could indicate that it is a robot.



"Island of Lost Ships"

The Minotaur was called upon by the Siren Sisters to chase Captain Majors and Brock when they journeyed into its maze. Before the Minotaur could capture them, Pete and Godzooky saved them. The Minotaur then left its maze and returned to its statue-like state until being called once again, this time to capture Pete and Godzooky. The Minotaur almost caught them, but Pete made a plan to trap it. He lured it toward a small room and Godzooky pushed it in. Pete managed to get out in time as Godzooky closed the door to the room where the Minotaur was now trapped in.

Kong: The Animated Series

"Welcome to Ramone's"

Minotaur was kept in the tunnels beneath Ramone De La Porta's museum to be used in conjunction with the Primal Stones as a trap for Kong and Jason Jenkins. Minotaur was used to fight Kong off, and was nearly successful, but one of his allies hacked the security system, which allowed Kong to gain the upper hand. Minotaur was later sent back through the labyrinth after De La Porta had taken control of the tunnels again and rearranged them for Minotaur to attack them. Minotaur attempted to break into the room that housed his adversaries with a stick, but it broke on contact with the wall. Minotaur then managed to use an elevator to a higher floor where it attacked Kong again before being defeated and releasing a cloud of red gas and his eyes going blank.


Physical strength

  • The Minotaur's was shown to have great strength as it can withstand a punch from Kong without even flinching on impact and it's strength is on par with that of Kong's.

Video games

  • Funko Pop! Blitz (2019; added in 2021) - Android, iOS


  • During the episode 9 of Godzilla, the Minotaur's bottom teeth change from sharp to smooth.
  • The Minotaur was one of the few monsters to not encounter Godzilla in the cartoon.


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