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Kadokawa Pictures (Daiei Motion Picture Company) Monster
Whale God in Whale God
Whale God
Alternate names Kujira Gami, Kujira
Species North Pacific Right Whale
Length 30 meters
Enemies Humans
First appearance Whale God

Whale God (鯨神,   Kujira Gami) is a whale who appeared in the 1961 novel Whale God, written by Kōichirō Uno, and its 1962 Daiei film adaptation.


Whale God is an unusually large North Pacific right whale.


Whale God

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  • Whale God, along with the novel and film featuring it, are based on the American novel Moby Dick.
  • A Japanese book about Daiei's giant monster films presents a scenario similar to Toho's Destroy All Monsters, featuring Gamera joining forces with several Earth monsters and former enemies of his against an alliance between the Zigrans and the Virasians. One of the Earth monsters that aids Gamera is a giant whale named Geishin God Gein (鯨神 ゴッドゲイン,   Geishin Goddo Gein, lit. Whale God God Whalen), a certain reference to Whale God.[1] This whale battles a Zigran in New York.[2]


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Kadokawa Pictures (formerly Daiei Motion Picture Company)
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Green Blob Thing

25 months ago
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It's funny to imagine that this random whale thing could have possibly ever helped Gamera.