Giant God Warrior

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Giant God Warrior
Giant God Warrior in Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo
Alternate names Giant Warrior, God Warrior
Species God Creature
Forms Spore Form, Flying Form, Final Form
Allies Other God Warriors
Enemies Humanity
Created by Hayao Miyazaki, Hideaki Anno
Played by Hand-drawn animation,NotVotW
First appearance Latest appearance
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo
It is said that the god of creation made this world in seven days.

— Narrator (Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo)

Giant God Warrior (巨神兵,   Kyoshinhei) is a kaiju which appeared in the short film, Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo.


Giant God Warrior's spore form resembles an orange glowing powder, it slowly floats in the air.

Giant God Warrior in its final form resembles a humanoid-like creature. It is brown in color and has 2 green glassy-like eyes on its head, 4 yellow glowing spikes on its shoulders, 6 smaller spikes on its back, several small green lights on its chest and belly and 2 small green lights on its forehead. Its body resembles a human skeleton while his head is more alien-shaped. It has big teeth, when it uses its beam attack its teeth turn upwards and then the weapon comes out of its mouth.

Its flying form is not much different than its final form, its spikes on its back glow more than usual and they are much longer, the spikes somewhat resemble the Wings of Light from the Evangelion franchise.


Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo

Above Tokyo, a strange orange powder began to form. The city's population began talking about the mysterious powder through the internet, many wondering what it was. As people watched from below, the powder coalesced into the God Warrior, who floated over the city. Descending from the sky, the God Warrior stood still for a while, before it grew a set of yellow wings that seemed to be composed of light. It then opened its mouth to reveal a laser-like weapon, which it proceeded to fire on the city, obliterating it in a matter of hours and initiating the Seven Days of Fire. Shortly after this, an army of God Warriors descended from the sky to join its comrade, and proceeded to attack the entire world. Over a period of just seven days, the God Warriors would go on to subjugate the entire world, leaving humanity with little hope to survive.


Purple Beam

Giant God Warrior fires its purple beam

Giant God Warrior can shoot a powerful purple beam from its mouth. The beam is capable of melting buildings and destroying almost everything.

Red Beam

Giant God Warrior shooting its red beam

Giant God Warrior can shoot a red beam from its mouth. The red beam is not powerful as the purple beam and can only be fired rapidly.


Giant God Warrior can fly.

Size Changing

Giant God Warrior can change its size.


In the final scene of Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo, the numerous Giant God Warriors are seen holding cross-like weapons, although they are not seen using them.



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