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God Mountain Godzilla in hell issue3.jpg
Species Supreme Being
Height ?? meters
Length ?? meters
Weight ?? tons
Allies Angels
Enemies Demons, Hell, Godzilla

God is a character created by IDW Publishing that appears in issue #3 of the comic book miniseries Godzilla in Hell.


God appears as a Giant mountain composed of many eyes and monster parts surrounded by clouds and angels.


Godzilla in Hell

After having died in his battle with SpaceGodzilla, Godzilla awakes to find himself in purgatory. Godzilla encounters Angels with mothra wings and God in the form of a Giant mountain. God and the Angels try to convince Godzilla to join the army of Heaven, but Godzilla refuses and kills an Angel. God then sends Godzilla to hell where he must face of against SpaceGodzilla. While fighting SpaceGodzilla, Godzilla is attacked by a swarm of demons that are attempting to make him a servant of hell. However, an army of Angels aids Godzilla in defeating the Demons and SpaceGodzilla. Once again, God tries to convince Godzilla to join the army of Heaven, but Godzilla rejects and closes off the entrance to heaven with his atomic breath.



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