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Ralph in Rampage
Alternate names Wolf
Subtitle(s) Voracious Gliding Wolf
(滑空餓狼,   Kakkū Garō)[1]
Species Genetically-edited wolf
Height 13.72-14 meters[2][3]
Length 26 meters[3]
Weight 13.8 metric tons[3]
Forms Pre-Mutation, Giant
Place(s) of emergence Wyoming
Allies George and Lizzie (initially)
Enemies George, Lizzie, Davis Okoye
Conceived of by Brian Colin, Jeff Nauman
Written by Ryan Engle, Carlton Cuse,
Ryan Condal, Adam Sztykiel
Designed by Tsvetomir Georgiev, Jared Krichevsky,
Court Chu, Kyle Brown, Ruben Alba,
Matt Millard
First appearance Rampage
More roars
Of course the wolf flies.

— Davis Okoye (Rampage)

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Ralph is a giant wolf monster featured in the 2018 New Line Cinema film Rampage. He is based on the character of the same name from Midway's Rampage video games.


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Ralph is a colossal wolf with gray fur over most of his body and white fur on his face. As part of his mutation, Ralph has developed porcupine-like quills on his back, as well as fleshy membranes located between his fore and hind limbs that allow him to glide through the air.


Ralph was a gray wolf living in Wyoming, where he smelled a canister containing Energyne's "Project Rampage" pathogen after it fell to Earth following the explosion of the Athena-1 satellite. The pathogen modified Ralph's genome, drastically increasing his size, strength, and aggression, while also causing him to develop the physical characteristics of other species. In a short span of time, Ralph went from a normal wolf to a giant monster over 26 meters in length.



After the Athena-1 satellite exploded in Earth's atmosphere, one of the capsules containing Energyne's experimental "Project Rampage" pathogen crashed into the midst of a pack of wolves in Wyoming. One of the wolves became curious and sniffed the leaking canister, causing the pathogen to take effect and begin editing his genome with weaponized DNA. The wolf quickly began to grow into the monster nicknamed Ralph, eventually slaughtering his entire pack.

Learning one of the canisters landing in Wyoming, Energyne dispatched a mercenary team led by Burke to recover samples, but Ralph easily killed the entire squad. With the mission a failure and learning their scientist Kate Caldwell had been arrested by government forces, Energyne set off a low frequency signal to lure in both Ralph and George, a mutated gorilla, into their headquarters in Chicago. On his way there, Ralph met up with George and began working with him to fight off the military assault that kept them from entering the city.

Eventually, both monsters fought their way into the city and met up with Lizzie, a mutated crocodile, and all three continued their battle against the military until they reached the Willis Building, which was broadcasting the signal and began scaling it. As they ascended, Lizzie burrowed through several floors of the building, causing it to collapse. With the signal destroyed and George given a cure by his caretaker Davis Okoye for that stopped his growth and aggression, a three way battle between the monsters began. George quickly knocked down Lizzie before being attacked by Ralph, who eventually gained the upper hand. Davis fired RPG and fired on Ralph, gaining his attention and tricking the wolf into flying at a recovered Lizzie, who bit Ralph and quickly tore his head off.



Ralph is highly resistant to conventional weaponry, shrugging off direct RPG blasts


Ralph is highly maneuverable, able to quickly run around opponents and scale buildings with ease.

Gliding Flight

Ralph can extend membranes between his legs in order to glide.


Ralph has large quills on his back and tail which he can use as projectiles to impale opponents.


Ralph, while durable against military equipment, was vulnerable to attacks by other monsters, easily being killed when Lizzie got a good grip on his head.

Video games


Main article: Ralph/Gallery.


Ralph roars

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese ラルフ Rarufu Transliteration of English name


  • In the video game series, Ralph was bipedal and walked like a human rather than on all fours like a real wolf. His fur was gray in the original Rampage video game, while subsequent games portrayed it as blue. The film also changes Ralph's origin to a wolf mutated by a genetic experiment, rather than a human mutated into a giant wolf by the experiments of Scum Labs.


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