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Ralph in Rampage
Species Genetically-edited wolf
Height 13.72-14 meters[1][2]
Length 26 meters[2]
Weight 13.8 metric tons[2]
Allies George (formerly), Lizzie (formerly)
Enemies George, Lizzie, Davis Okoye
Played by CGI
First appearance Rampage
More roars

Ralph is a giant wolf monster featured in the 2018 New Line Cinema film Rampage. He is based on the character of the same name from Midway's Rampage video games.


Ralph is a colossal wolf with gray fur over most of his body and white fur on his face. As part of his mutation, Ralph has developed porcupine-like quills on his back, as well as fleshy membranes located between his fore and hind limbs that allow him to glide through the air, similar to a flying squirrel.


Ralph was a wolf mutated by the same mysterious genetic experiment that mutated George and Lizzie. The alteration to his genetic code caused him to grow to 14 meters tall, 26 meters long, and 13.8 metric tons in weight, and also led him to develop unique characteristics such as quills on his back and gliding membranes between his limbs.



Ralph was introduced in rampage before any other movies. He is a wolf that can glide using retractable skin flaps such as a flying squirrels, He also has large porcupine quills on his back and tail that he can shake of and use as projectiles or shoot them to impale targets. This is all due to the mutations that he got from eating an addictive in a hot dog, coincidentally Lissy and George were also mutated.



Spinning helicopter rotor blades haven't stopped Ralph from taking down a helicopter, they didn't even scratch him. Bullets and bombs were also proven ineffective.


Gliding Flight

Much like Varan, Ralph extends membranes between his legs leaps into the air, with the membranes allowing him to glide across the sky like a flying squirrel. His membranes are completely hidden when not used.


Ralph has large quills on his back and tail which he can shake of and use as projectiles or shoot them to impale targets.


Ralph dies when being attacked by lizzie who rips off his head, eats it, and leaves his body behind.

In Other Languages

  • Japanese: ラルフ (Rarufu)


  • In the video game series, Ralph was bipedal and walked like a human rather than on all fours like a real wolf. His fur was gray in the original Rampage video game, while subsequent games portrayed it as blue.
  • The Rampage film changes Ralph's origin to a wolf mutated by a genetic experiment, rather than a human mutated into a giant wolf by the experiments of Scum Labs as on the video games.
  • The spikes on his back and tail, as well as his ability to glide like a flying squirrel, seems to be an homage to Varan.


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