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Moguera® trademark icon
MOGUERA in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
Moguera in The Mysterians
Star Falcon in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
Land Moguera in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
Name information
Alternate names Mogela,[1][2] Mogera,
Moguera-SRF, Proto-MogueraGI, Moguera 2GStE, MGR,
M.O.G.U.E.R.A., M.O.G.E.R.A.
Subtitle(s) Showa: Robot Monster
(ロボット怪獣,   Robotto Kaijū)[3]
Space Robot
(宇宙ロボット,   Uchū Robotto)[4]
Excavation Robot
(掘削用ロボット,   Kussakuyō Robotto)[5]
Heisei: Anti-Godzilla Weapon
(対ゴジラ兵器,   Tai Gojira Heiki)[6]
Anti-G Weapon
(対兵器,   Tai Jī Heiki)[7]
Anti-Godzilla Battle Robot
Tai Gojirayō Sentō Robotto
Super-Mobile Combining Weapon
(合体超機動兵器,   Gattai Chō Kidō Heiki)G:TB
Physical information
Species Mysterian excavation robot,MYS
G-Force anti-Godzilla mechaGvSG
Height Showa: 50 meters[9]
Heisei: 120 meters[10][11]
Length Heisei: 80 meters (Star Falcon),[12]
85 meters (Land Moguera)[13]
Width Heisei: 67 meters (Star Falcon),[12]
40 meters (Land Moguera)[13]
Weight Showa: 50,000 metric tons[9]
Heisei: 160,000 metric tons,[10][11]
70,000 metric tons (Star Falcon),[12]
90,000 metric tons (Land Moguera)[13]
Forms Showa: Moguera, Moguera (No. 2)
Star Falcon, Land Moguera
Destoroyah manga: MOGUERA II, MOGUERA III
War for Humanity: MOGUERA, Land MOGUERA, Star Falcon, Super MOGUERA, Sky MOGUERA
Affiliation information
Controlled by MysteriansMYS, Beisuke Jinguji (MOGUERA)GI, Torema (MOGUERA)GI, Zagreth (Proto-Moguera)GI,
G-ForceGvSG, CKRGRoE, RestorersGRMVM
Allies Godzilla, Godzilla Junior, Rodan,
Mothra, Mothra Leo, Mechagodzilla,
Jet Jaguar, Medical Jet Jaguar,
Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar, KiryuGRoE, MinillaGWfH
Enemies SpaceGodzilla, MechagodzillaGvSGM, GRMVM, Godzilla, Destoroyah, Megalon, Battra, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Orga, Trilopod, ZoosporaGWfH, AnguirusGWfH, GorosaurusGWfH, MandaGWfH, Minilla (initally)GWfH, Jet JaguarGRMVM, MothraGRMVM
Real world information
Designed by HeiseiMinoru Yoshida
Played by ShowaHaruo Nakajima,
Katsumi Tezuka
HeiseiWataru Fukuda
Other information
First appearance Latest appearance
The Mysterians Godzilla Island
Sound effects
ShowaHeiseiTrading Battle (Showa):Trading Battle (Heisei):Unleashed:More roars

Moguera (モゲラ,   Mogera) is a robotic monster that first appeared in the 1957 Toho film The Mysterians. A reimagining of the character, whose name is an acronym for Mobile Operations Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aero-type (MOGUERA), debuted in the Godzilla series in the 1994 film Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla.

One of the weapons of the Mysterian invaders, Moguera was unleashed in Japan, where it destroyed a village by triggering severe earthquakes while underground. Moguera soon surfaced and began rampaging through the countryside before the JSDF blew up a bridge as the machine was crossing it, destroying Moguera. The Mysterians would deploy a second Moguera to defend their dome when the Earth Defense Force began attacking it with Markalite Cannons. The second Moguera accidentally burrowed too close to a Markalite Cannon, which toppled onto it and destroyed it.

In the Heisei Godzilla continuity, MOGUERA was constructed by G-Force alongside Mechagodzilla and completed following the latter's defeat. Designed to accomplish what its predecessor had come so close to doing—destroying Godzilla—MOGUERA's first action came not against Godzilla, but a crystalline anomaly that was sighted approaching Earth. MOGUERA was launched to destroy the space creature, but was severely damaged and failed to halt its approach to Earth. MOGUERA was salvaged and repaired by G-Force, then deployed to Fukuoka to stop the space monster, now known as SpaceGodzilla, after it constructed its own fortress in the city. MOGUERA engaged SpaceGodzilla, and was joined by Godzilla, who sought to rescue his adopted son from his extraterrestrial clone. Together, MOGUERA and Godzilla were able to destroy SpaceGodzilla's power source in the Fukuoka Tower and finally destroy him, but MOGUERA was also obliterated in the process, leaving only Godzilla standing.

Both Mogueras have been featured in some non-film media such as video games, as well as the television show Godzilla Island, in which they exist simultaneously.


Moguera's Japanese name, Mogera (モゲラ), is derived from mogura (土竜 (もぐら) or モグラ, lit. "dirt dragon"), the Japanese word for "mole." This is likely because Moguera possesses the ability to dig similar to a mole, and was originally envisioned as a giant quadrupedal animal similar in appearance to a mole in the planning stages of The Mysterians. "Mogera" is also the name of a genus of Asiatic moles. While the Showa Moguera's Japanese name is always spelled in katakana, the Heisei version's often appears in Latin characters as MOGERA or M・O・G・E・R・A.[10] Likewise, the Heisei Moguera's name is often represented in English as MOGUERA or M.O.G.U.E.R.A., although the spelling MOGERA is also used.

In Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, MOGUERA is an acronym for "Mobile Operation Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aero-type." The "Universal" portion is omitted in the film's Japanese version, due to MOGUERA's Japanese name lacking a U. Some books instead expand the acronym as "Mobile Operation G-Expert Robot Aerotype"[10][14][15] or "Mobile Operation G-Expert-Robot-Aero Type,"[16] while the Japanese trailer for Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla writes the Aero-type portion as "A-type."[6] After being repaired and upgraded following its first battle with SpaceGodzilla, MOGUERA is designated MOGUERA II-SRF (MOGERA (モゲラ) (ツー)SRF (エスアールエフ),   Mogera Tsū Esuāruefu). It is sometimes fully titled Anti-SpaceGodzilla Reinforced Weapons Type (対スペースゴジラ・武装強化タイプ,   Tai Supēsugojira Busō Kyōka Taipu);[16] the "SRF" in MOGUERA II-SRF may therefore stand for SpaceGodzilla ReinForced. MOGUERA's name is sometimes abbreviated as MGR, such as on the helmets of its pilots.[10]

MOGUERA can split into the vehicles Star Falcon (スターファルコン,   Sutā Farukon) and Land Moguera (ランドモゲラー,   Rando Mogerā). In Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla's script, the pair were instead dubbed Garuda II (ガルーダⅡ,   Garūda Tsū) and Mole Tank (モールタンク,   Mōru Tanku), respectively.[17] The "Moguera" portion of Land Moguera's Japanese name is written in katakana, but has an added chōonpu at the end, causing the final vowel to be stressed. Computer screens in the movie variously spell it in English as Land Mogera, Rand Mogera, and Land-Mogerer. The English subtitles on Hong Kong company Universe Laser & Video's DVD release of the film translate Land Moguera as "land module." Sony's Blu-ray release of the film instead more accurately translates it as "Land MOGERA."

In Godzilla Island, the Showa Moguera is called Proto-Moguera (プロトモゲラ,   Puroto Mogera) in order to differentiate it from the Heisei version, who is simply called Moguera here. In the game Godzilla: Save the Earth, MOGUERA is referred to as Moguera® 2, likely referencing its status as the second distinct incarnation of the character, similar to the game's Mechagodzilla 2 and Mechagodzilla 3.

Moguera's name has been spelled several different ways in English. While the character's trademarked English name is "Moguera," the spelling Mogera has been used, such as on concept art for The Mysterians. Additionally, both Bandai's 1984 Godzilland merchandise line and the 1988 NES video game Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! utilized the English spelling Mogela.

In the IDW comic book miniseries Godzilla: War for Humanity, MOGUERA receives an upgraded form which is known as Super MOGUERA.


Early concept art and storyboards of Moguera from The Mysterians, depicting it as an organic quadrupedal monster

During initial story development for The Mysterians, Moguera was originally envisioned as a fully living biological creature, with related early concept designs and storyboards showing off a quadrupedal reptilian mole-like monster. Ultimately, however, the production staff changed Moguera to a robot in order to differentiate it from previous Toho film monsters.[18] The robot Moguera design retained several elements of the original organic design, such as the drill-tipped mole-like nose, the saw-shaped ridge on its back, and the shape of its tail.

A 30-centimeter prototype model of Moguera was constructed as a reference for the proportions of the suit to ensure it would be able to fit a human actor. This concept model differed in a few ways from the final design of the suit, possessing larger eyes, a more pronounced metal jaw, a larger drill nose, a thinner, more humanoid body shape, and more human-like hands with a single large triangular finger and thumb. This model was used in promotional materials for the film, and merchandise from Marusan and Bullmark in the 1980s used it as a reference instead of the suit.

Haruo Nakajima wearing the lower body of the Moguera suit

The head of the Moguera suit was modeled by Teizo Toshimitsu, with the Yagi brothers Kanju and Yasuei handling its body. The suit's head, upper body, and lower body were all composed of separate pieces that had to be put on individually. The suit's metal surface was painted over with a vinyl material.[19] Both suit actors Haruo Nakajima and Katsumi Tezuka wore the Moguera suit. Because the suit's upper and lower bodies were separated, the actor was filmed only wearing the bottom half of the suit for scenes of Moguera's legs stomping and kicking buildings and jeeps. After The Mysterians was completed, the suit was kept in storage in one of Toho's soundstages. It was destroyed in a fire resulting from a pyrotechnic accident on the set of 1974's Prophecies of Nostradamus.[20]

A miniature puppet one-half the size of the suit with a rotating drill nose and rotating arms was created to depict Moguera No. 2 burrowing underground.[19] Initially, the filmmakers had planned to construct a self-propelled puppet of Moguera's upper torso with a caterpillar track for this scene, but found it too difficult to realize. However, photographs exist of this self-propelled miniature under construction, with built-in gears visible inside it.[19]

Early MOGUERA concept art

It was the idea of special effects director Koichi Kawakita to revive Moguera from The Mysterians, which was one of his favorite monsters, for the sixth entry in the Heisei series. During development of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, MOGUERA was nearly replaced by Mechagodzilla, though Kawakita won out. Minoru Yoshida designed the new incarnation of Moguera,[21] and various different ideas were considered in his early designs. Some ideas had MOGUERA transform into an individual aircraft or underground vehicle, while another had it transform into the Gotengo from Atragon.[21] Ultimately, MOGUERA incorporated an early idea for Mechagodzilla, in that it was the combined form of two different vehicles. In the film's screenplay, the flying vehicle was called the Garuda II while the subterranean one was named the Mole Tank.[19]

Wataru Fukuda testing the unfinished lower half of the MOGUERA suit

The MOGUERA suit was two meters tall[22] and, like the original Moguera, it was composed of separate upper and lower halves which could be worn individually. Just like in The Mysterians, shots of MOGUERA's legs were accomplished through suit actor Wataru Fukuda wearing only the suit's lower half.[23] A 70-centimeter miniature was created to depict MOGUERA transforming into Land Moguera and Star Falcon, and this miniature was later converted into a prop to show MOGUERA in flight.[22] A full-scale model of MOGUERA's neck was also built for the scene where Akira Yuki struggles to escape the mech at the film's climax.[23]


The Showa Moguera is a giant bipedal robot with a bulky segmented body. Moguera's chest and upper legs are steel gray in color and possess numerous horizontal indentations that give them a striped appearance. Moguera's upper arms and the lower part of its legs are a light bluish-green color, while its head, neck piece, hands, and feet are gold. Moguera has a large drill for a nose, and its eyes sit atop its head while flaring out to the sides of the nasal drill. Moguera has two antennae sticking out of the top of its head that move back and forth. Moguera tucks these antennae behind its head while burrowing. Moguera has a barely visible mouth under its nose with a transparent lower jaw. Moguera's hands are cone-shaped with a gap in their center, giving the vague appearance of them possessing two fingers. Its feet are rectangular, and consist of two pieces. Moguera has a large circular saw blade protruding from its back, and a fat gray tail.

Like the Showa version, MOGUERA is a giant bipedal robot resembling a mole with square feet, a sawblade on its back, a drill on its nose, cone-shaped hands, and a short tail. In contrast to the green, gray, and yellow color scheme of the original Moguera, the Heisei version is silver with a black nose and hands, and light blue trim on its body. MOGUERA has yellow eyes and a singular antenna atop its head. It has a port for the Plasma Maser Cannon on its chest, and tank treads on the bottom of its feet.

In the comic miniseries Godzilla: War for Humanity, MOGUERA receives an upgraded form dubbed Super MOGUERA after its initial defeat by Zoospora. In this form, it gains multiple rocket launchers, a Gatling gun and a flamethrower mounted on its shoulders, a chainsaw mounted over its right arm and a maser sword on its left arm, as well as added reinforced armor plating on its neck and a net that could be deployed from its chest in order to capture other monsters. A small, Star Falcon-like craft called Sky MOGUERA could also attach to its back.


In The Mysterians, Moguera is a war machine constructed by the Mysterians to aid in their invasion of Earth. The Mysterians constructed at least two Mogueras, as after the first one was destroyed a second one was deployed to defend the Mysterian Dome from the Earth Defense Force.

MOGUERA is an anti-Godzilla mecha constructed by G-Force with the assistance of Russia under the leadership of Dr. Alexander Mammilov,[24] in contrast to Mechagodzilla who was constructed in conjunction with the United States led by Dr. Leo Asimov. While the two machines were completed one year apart, they were both constructed simultaneously in different sections.[24] MOGUERA's construction was delayed due to the complexity of the mecha's structure, and it was finally completed in 1995 using the mainframe and surviving parts from Mechagodzilla.[24] According to the book Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla Super Complete Works, MOGUERA was seemingly constructed with reference to documents of the original Moguera collected by the United Nations back in 1957 when the Mysterians attacked.[9]

In Godzilla Island, Moguera and its prototype, Proto-Moguera, are operated by G-Guard. Proto-Moguera is stolen by the Xilien agent Zagreth and used as one of the invaders' pawns in their scheme to destroy Godzilla Island.


Showa era

Moguera wades through the JSDF's assault in The Mysterians

The Mysterians

Before the Mysterians revealed themselves to humanity, they sent Moguera to attack a village and destroy its shrine. Moguera proceeded to move upstream, where a group of local policemen attempted to counter the robot's attack. Moguera then destroyed a power plant, and attacked a town. The JSDF provided cover for the evacuating residents with rifles, mortars, machine guns, flamethrowers, and 24 Twin Rocket Cars, but their weapons had no effect. However, they were able to lure Moguera to the edge of a bridge rigged with explosives. Upon detonation, Moguera toppled into the river below and exploded.

Moguera No. 2 in The Mysterians

After the first Moguera was destroyed another robot, dubbed Moguera No. 2 (モゲラ(2号),   Mogera (Nigō)), was released and attacked from underground. It dug up too close to a Markalite Cannon which collapsed on it, destroying the machine.

Heisei era

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla

MOGUERA was constructed by G-Force alongside Mechagodzilla in an attempt to kill Godzilla. It could split up into two different vehicles: Land Moguera and Star Falcon. However, due to its complexity, MOGUERA was not completed until after Mechagodzilla was destroyed by Godzilla and some of its surviving components became available.[24] MOGUERA was first deployed to fight SpaceGodzilla when he was detected flying toward Earth. MOGUERA was sent flying out of control into space by SpaceGodzilla, but it managed to make it back to Earth, albeit heavily damaged. After being repaired and upgraded, MOGUERA was sent out to engage SpaceGodzilla in Fukuoka, but pilot Akira Yuki, who held a grudge against Godzilla, redirected the mech and attacked Godzilla instead. The other pilots, Koji Shinjo and Kiyoshi Sato, knocked Yuki out and flew to Fukuoka. MOGUERA battled SpaceGodzilla alone until Godzilla arrived and joined the battle. MOGUERA's pilots decided to focus their attacks on SpaceGodzilla, and assist Godzilla in knocking out SpaceGodzilla's power source, the Fukuoka Tower. MOGUERA split into Star Falcon and Land Moguera, and with Godzilla's help managed to destroy the tower. With SpaceGodzilla's means of constantly recharging his energy disabled, Land Moguera emerged from the ground and began firing on SpaceGodzilla, with Star Falcon providing air support, to stall for time and allow the two vehicles to recombine into MOGUERA. After recombining, the mech managed to destroy SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals with its Spiral Grenade Missiles. Godzilla and MOGUERA seemed to have the upper hand, but SpaceGodzilla responded by using his tail crystals to stab and throw MOGUERA at a building, causing it to become trapped. Shinjo and Sato escaped the downed mecha, but Yuki stayed behind and attempted to fly MOGUERA back into the battle. With sparks erupting from MOGUERA's ruined armor, Yuki slammed the machine into SpaceGodzilla, knocking the monster down, but MOGUERA lost control, crashing into a series of buildings and becoming completely disabled. Shinjo rescued Yuki from the wreckage before Godzilla took advantage of MOGUERA's last act to bring down SpaceGodzilla. Godzilla used his Hyper Spiral Ray to finish his adversary off, striking the space monster with the beam before he could get back up. The first shot crippled SpaceGodzilla, and the second struck the wreckage of MOGUERA, blasting the mecha's head off of its body and engulfing what was left of the machine in flames. The third and final shot destroyed SpaceGodzilla for good, creating a massive explosion that completely obliterated the celestial clone. MOGUERA may have fallen in the final battle, but Godzilla could not have won the confrontation without the machine's help.

Moguera in the opening of the addition and subtraction Get Going! Godzilland OVAs

Get Going! Godzilland

The Showa Moguera appears as a background character in the addition and subtraction Get Going! Godzilland OVAs. Moguera is frequently seen burrowing or popping out of the ground, but never has any dialogue or interaction with the other kaiju. In the opening sequence, Moguera can be seen with its upper body poking out of the ground while holding an umbrella with a small ornament of a Mysterian hanging from it.

Proto-Moguera (left) and Moguera (right) in Godzilla Island

Godzilla Island

In this TV series, Moguera is one of Beisuke Jinguji's mechs, along with Jet Jaguar (and his two variants) and Mechagodzilla. A prototype of the mech, dubbed Proto-Moguera (プロトモゲラ,   Puroto Mogera) and bearing the Showa design, was ultimately stolen by Zagreth after Black Mechagodzilla was captured by G-Guard. Proto-Moguera was sent retreating into space with Zagreth after Torema piloted the superior Black Mechagodzilla against it.



Land traversal

MOGUERA can use its tank treads to maneuver quickly on the ground, as well as advancing towards opponents efficiently. Land Moguera is able to travel above ground at speeds of 120 kilometers per hour.[13]


The rebuilt Showa Moguera, Moguera No. 2, had the ability to burrow underground. In Godzilla Battle Line, the base Moguera can also burrow.

When separated from MOGUERA, Land Moguera can use its rotating drill to travel underground at speeds of 60 kilometers per hour.[13] MOGUERA itself has also been depicted burrowing in Godzilla Island, Godzilla: Unleashed, and Godzilla Rivals: Mothra Vs. M.O.G.U.E.R.A..


MOGUERA flying through space to intercept SpaceGodzilla

MOGUERA is capable of flight at Mach 1 in Earth's atmosphere and Mach 44 in outer space.[10] On its own, Star Falcon can fly at 306 kilometers per hour in the atmosphere and Mach 35.5 in space,[12] while Land Moguera has limited flight capabilities.

MOGUERA can use its weapons while in flight. A well-placed strike from MOGUERA while it is in flight is capable of flooring other monsters, as shown when it rammed SpaceGodzilla in a last-ditch attack.

Separation and recombination

MOGUERA is the combined form of two vehicles: Land Moguera, a land-based tank with burrowing capabilities, and Star Falcon, a VTOL aircraft. MOGUERA can split apart into both vehicles and then recombine later. MOGUERA split apart into the two vehicles during the final battle against SpaceGodzilla in order to help Godzilla destroy the space monster's power source in the Fukuoka Tower. Star Falcon distracted SpaceGodzilla while Land Moguera destroyed the tower's foundation.


Eye lasers

The Showa Moguera can fire lasers from its eyes. They are relatively weak, but pack enough explosive force to disable a 24 Twin Rocket Car. Its eyes glow blue a few seconds before firing.

Proto-Moguera also possesses eye lasers in Godzilla Island. They were strong enough to knock down Godzilla, and are also stated to be able to cut through rock.

Plasma Laser Cannon
MOGUERA firing its Plasma Laser Cannons

In the Heisei series, MOGUERA possesses a Plasma Laser Cannon (プラズマレーザーキャノン,   Purazuma Rēzā Kyanon) in each of its eyes. The laser takes the form of a rapid stream of yellow energy blasts, which are said to be three times as powerful as Mechagodzilla's Laser Cannons. Because the Plasma Laser Cannon fires a repeating series of individual laser blasts, the weapon can be cooled and recharged repeatedly as it fires, preventing it from overheating and allowing MOGUERA to continuously use the attack.

Automatic Tracking Laser Cannon

MOGUERA firing its Automatic Tracking Laser Cannons

MOGUERA can fire an Automatic Tracking Laser Cannon (自動追尾式レーザー砲,   Jidō Tsuibishiki Rēzāhō) from its hands. This laser possesses high penetrating power and can track targets, allowing MOGUERA to easily target and strike a moving enemy with the laser by moving its arms. MOGUERA used this laser in its first battle with SpaceGodzilla, while the Automatic Tracking Laser Cannon also serves as Land Moguera's primary weapon.[13]

Drill arms

MOGUERA tearing Mechagodzilla apart with its drill arms in the Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla manga

In the manga adaptation of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, MOGUERA has the ability to turn its arms into drills, which were powerful enough to tear apart a rebuilt Mechagodzilla.

In Godzilla Rivals: Mothra Vs. M.O.G.U.E.R.A., MOGUERA once again turns its arms into drills, impaling and drilling through Jet Jaguar's chest.

Surface-to-Air Laser Cannon

Land Moguera is equipped with a Surface-to-Air Laser Cannon (地対空レーザーキャノン,   Chitaikū Rēzā Kyanon) mounted on its top antenna,[13] though MOGUERA never utilized it in its combined state.

Low-Power Maser Vulcan

Star Falcon is fitted with two Low-Power Maser Vulcan cannons (省電力メーサーバルカン,   Shōdenryoku Mēsā Barukan) on either side of its cockpit.[12] These are not utilized by MOGUERA.

Crusher Drill

MOGUERA using its Crusher Drill to pierce SpaceGodzilla's skin

MOGUERA possesses a large drill on its face known as the Crusher Drill (クラッシャードリル,   Kurasshā Doriru). The Crusher Drill grants MOGUERA close-range combat ability, something which its predecessor Mechagodzilla lacked. MOGUERA used the Crusher Drill in combination with its roller system to perform a maneuver known as the Drill Attack (ドリルアタック,   Doriru Atakku), where MOGUERA's roller system causes it to accelerate forward while the Crusher Drill rotates. MOGUERA utilized the Drill Attack against SpaceGodzilla, and successfully penetrated its enemy's skin and drew blood. The Crusher Drill is also present on Land Moguera's front end, allowing the vehicle to burrow underground.

Plasma Maser Cannon

MOGUERA firing its Plasma Maser Cannon

MOGUERA's most powerful weapon is the Plasma Maser Cannon (プラズマメーサーキャノン,   Purazuma Mēsā Kyanon), a powerful Maser Cannon equipped on its abdomen. It is said to be five times more powerful than the Maser beam fired by the MBT-MB92. The Plasma Maser Cannon can be fired more quickly than Mechagodzilla's Plasma Grenade; however, when it is being fired it leaves MOGUERA's abdomen exposed and compromises its armor.


MOGUERA II-SRF is equipped with a jamming system called MECM, an acronym for Magnetic & Electronic Counter Measure (マグネティック&エレクトロニック=カウンター=メイジャー,   Magunetikku Ando Erekutoronikku Kauntā Meijā). It is designed to interfere with the electromagnetic waves given off by SpaceGodzilla by emitting disturbing radio waves. It receives the electromagnetic waves through MOGUERA's antenna and responds by transmitting disturbing radio waves through a sonar device on the circular saw on MOGUERA's back.

Spiral Grenade Missiles

MOGUERA firing its Spiral Grenade Missiles

Each of MOGUERA's arms is loaded with 12 Spiral Grenade Missiles (スパイラルグレネードミサイル,   Supairaru Gurenēdo Misairu), which are a weapon adapted from Super Mechagodzilla's G-Crusher. MOGUERA's cone-shaped hands first open up before the Spiral Grenade Missiles fire from them, with the missiles spinning through the air before piercing their target like a drill. They will then explode following determination from a built-in targeting computer. The Spiral Grenade Missiles were developed to fulfill the same purpose as the G-Crusher; they would target and destroy Godzilla's secondary brain after Land Moguera halted Godzilla's movement by digging underneath him and trapping his feet in the ground. However, MOGUERA never had the chance to use its Spiral Grenade Missiles against Godzilla, and instead utilized them in battle against SpaceGodzilla, successfully destroying his shoulder crystals with them and crippling his ability to draw energy from the surrounding environment.

All Weapon

MOGUERA using its All Weapon

MOGUERA can fire its Plasma Laser Cannons and Plasma Maser Cannon at the same time in an attack called All Weapon (オールウェポン,   Ōru Uepon). The combined power of both weapons is capable of knocking Godzilla off his feet and even temporarily knocked him out.


The Showa Moguera's body is constructed with Space Steel, an extraterrestrial counterpart to steel which is over 200 times as strong.[25]

Synthetic Blue Diamond-Coated Armor

MOGUERA is covered in a Synthetic Blue Diamond-Coated Armor (合成ブルーダイヤコーティング装甲,   Gōsei Burūdaiya Kōtingu Sōkō), which can harmlessly reflect Godzilla's atomic breath. The armor is applied in such a way that the parts of MOGUERA that would be most vulnerable to Godzilla's atomic breath are the most heavily armored. While it is more resistant than Mechagodzilla's Diamond Coating, MOGUERA's armor lacks the ability to absorb plasma from Godzilla's atomic breath like Mechagodzilla's Plasma Grenade.

Beam barrier

MOGUERA summoning its beam barrier to defend against Mechagodzilla's Mega Buster in the Shogakukan Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla manga

In the manga adaptation of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla by Shogakukan, MOGUERA can deploy a spherical energy barrier around itself to defend against incoming energy beams. The barrier was strong enough to render Mechagodzilla's Mega Buster completely useless, allowing MOGUERA to get in range to smash its rebuilt predecessor to pieces.

Complex Sensor System

MOGUERA has seven sensors collectively known as the Complex Sensor System (複合センサーシステム,   Fukugō Sensā Shisutemu) placed in the slit in its forehead in order to reduce the influence of SpaceGodzilla's electromagnetic waves. The seven complementary sensors are: the Ultra-High Sensitivity Camera (超高感度カメラ,   Chō Kō Kando Kamera), the Infrared Radar (赤外線レーダー,   Sekigaisen Rēdā), the Active Sonar (アクティブソナー,   Akutibu Sonā), the Thermo-Searcher (サーモサーチャー,   Sāmo Sāchā), the Moving Body Scanner (動体スキャナー,   Dōtai Sukyanā), the Gravity Measuring Instrument (重力測定器,   Jūryoku Sokutei-ki), and the Laser Aiming Tracking System (レーザー照準追尾システム,   Rēzā Shōjun Tsuibi Shisutemu).


In the video game Godzilla: Unleashed, MOGUERA can launch an EMP bomb that instantly detonates and leaves a blast radius for a short duration; and in the game's predecessor can create a Photonic Storm, in which a huge ring of orange-and-blue-colored energy blasts out of it, hitting everything around it. MOGUERA can also use its arms and legs to fight in the games.

In the comic miniseries Godzilla: War for Humanity, MOGUERA gains access to several more capabilities after being upgraded into Super MOGUERA. It gains several rocket launchers, a Gatling gun and a flamethrower mounted on its shoulders. A chainsaw is installed over its right arm and a maser sword over its left arm. Super MOGUERA also possesses additional armor plating to reinforce its neck, and a net that can be deployed from its chest in order to capture other monsters. Sky MOGUERA, a small Star Falcon-like ship, can attach to its back.


Moguera No. 2 seconds from being crushed by a Markalite Cannon

While Moguera is impervious to the JSDF's conventional weaponry, it can be easily destroyed with enough force. The first Moguera deployed by the Mysterians was destroyed when the bridge it was crossing was detonated and it fell into the river below. The second Moguera met its end when it burrowed too close to a Markalite Cannon, which toppled onto it.

MOGUERA being impaled and thrown by SpaceGodzilla's tail

During its first battle against SpaceGodzilla, MOGUERA was highly susceptible to interference from SpaceGodzilla's electromagnetic waves, which rendered it inoperable and allowed SpaceGodzilla to easily disable the mecha. This weakness was removed, however, when MOGUERA was upgraded as MOGUERA II-SRF with the addition of MECM and the Complex Sensor System.

While MOGUERA's Synthetic Blue Diamond-Coated Armor granted it impressive resistance to Godzilla's atomic breath and allowed it to withstand repeated strikes from SpaceGodzilla's Corona Beam, its left arm was eventually blown off from a direct strike from the Corona Beam. MOGUERA's most critical weakness, however, was the design flaw involving the use of its Plasma Maser Cannon. When the port covering this weapon was open, the armor in MOGUERA's midsection was compromised, allowing it to be critically damaged with an attack targeting the Cannon. SpaceGodzilla badly damaged MOGUERA by impaling it with his tail spike and throwing it through the air while MOGUERA's Plasma Maser Cannon port was open. MOGUERA's wreckage was subsequently obliterated when Godzilla used his Spiral Heat Ray to finish off SpaceGodzilla.

In the Godzilla vs. Destoroyah manga, MOGEURA II and III, though more capable than the first MOGUERA, were obliterated by Burning Godzilla's extreme temperatures.

In Godzilla Island, Proto-Moguera's circuitry was damaged by a tail swipe from Godzilla, causing it to move randomly. MOGUERA, meanwhile, was able to be shot down by the Vabaruda, knocked down by Godzilla, and defeated in separate instances by Mecha-King Ghidorah and a SpaceGodzilla-possessed Godzilla.

In Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, MOGUERA was torn apart by a group of Trilopod hybrids.

In Godzilla: War for Humanity, Godzilla blasted off one of Super MOGEURA's arms with his atomic breath. Later, damage sustained to Super MOGEURA's reactor nearly destroyed the mech, but Godzilla absorbing its radiation prevented this.

In Godzilla Rivals: Mothra Vs. M.O.G.U.E.R.A., Jet Jaguar ripped its left arm off, and it was later blasted to pieces when it lost a Beam-Fight to the Mothra-empowered Mechagodzilla.

Video games

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!

Appearing on the first world with Gezora, the giant mecha Moguera will follow Godzilla and Mothra throughout the game, attacking them on each world. Moguera lacks versatility as he is only able to walk across the stage rather slowly, usually in response to the player's movement; in fact, if the player advances on Moguera there is a chance he will back himself into the corner. On top of that, a strange glitch triggers that makes Moguera unable to attack or fight back at all until the player moves backwards. Moguera can jump, not very well however, but it will still be enough to knock Mothra to the ground if she is too close. While Moguera lacks the maneuverability of Gezora, he makes up for it with fire power as his eye beams will deal noticeable damage to either Godzilla or Mothra; furthermore, the beams are incredibly accurate and it is very rare that either Godzilla or Mothra will be able to dodge them. Moguera has two versions of the beams—one bright red, which he uses exclusively against Godzilla, and the other brown, which he uses exclusively against Mothra—though the difference is purely cosmetic.

Godzilla: Save the Earth

MOGUERA appears in Godzilla: Save the Earth as Moguera 2, as well as in Godzilla: Unleashed and Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash; however, it is unplayable in the latter. Its special attack stat (projectiles and beams) and speed are significantly higher than most other monsters, but its physical offense and defense are very low. To be effective in a fight, MOGUERA must attack from a distance while dodging and retreating, making it a hit-and-run fighter. When it runs out of energy, MOGUERA can temporarily shut down its power and recharge, though this makes it vulnerable as it temporarily cannot move.

Godzilla: Unleashed

Height: 120 meters[26]
Weight: 160,000 tons[26]

"MOGUERA was the GDF's first successful anti-monster robot, employing a wide variety of weapons and defensive systems linked by a powerful auto-targeting supercomputer. Although relatively effective, MOGUERA was deemed too physically frail to continue to serve as the GDF's first plan of defense against monster threats. MOGUERA is still in use today, but most often relegated to provide long-range support fire to the GDF's more modern anti-monster robots."

Godzilla (PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4)

Main articles: Godzilla (2014 video game)/Kaiju Guide#Moguera, Godzilla (2014 video game)/Kaiju Guide#MOGUERA.


GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse

Moguera, an underground combat vehicle used by G-Force, was sent to battle Biollante in Normandy during "Operation: Eternal Light" in 2039. Moguera defeated Biollante by destroying the "heart" in her root cavity.[27]


Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla

In this manga adaptation of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla by Shogakukan, MOGUERA has mostly the same role as in the film, but its fate and combat strategies are different. MOGUERA is stolen by Akira Yuki, the main human protagonist, and is taken to Baas Island to use LittleGodzilla to draw out Godzilla so he can kill him. G-Force sent the rebuilt Mechagodzilla to battle MOGUERA, but the robot was destroyed by the newer mecha's advanced technology. Upon arrival at Baas Island, MOGUERA and its pilot are knocked down by SpaceGodzilla after the cosmic kaiju arrives to menace Godzilla. In addition, MOGUERA also suffers very little damage during the final battle with SpaceGodzilla, and is eventually taken back by the U.N.G.C.C.. However, Godzilla disarms the machine by breaking its weapon systems before he departs, wary that the humans could try to harm him and his son again.

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

MOGUERA II (left) and MOGUERA III (right) in the Godzilla vs. Destoroyah manga

In this manga (which is a sequel to the Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla manga), two new MOGUERA units, MOGUERA II and MOGUERA III, are introduced due to their predecessor having been phased out. MOGUERA III is darker than MOGUERA II, and has rounded heavy upper body armor plating with a pronounced spike on its head. The two units are deployed by the U.N.G.C.C. in an attempt to stave off Godzilla's impending meltdown, but both are obliterated by Godzilla's extreme temperatures.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

Following the appearance of the upgraded Gigan, the Millennian UFO, and Godzilla in Las Vegas, the Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces dispatched their new mech, MOGUERA, to intervene. Upon arrival, MOGUERA engaged Gigan and fired missiles at the cyborg, but Gigan was able to destroy the missiles before they could land a hit. Gigan attempted to attack MOGUERA, but it was able to block his attacks and retaliated with its Plasma Laser Cannons and drills to knock Gigan back. After tackling Gigan to the ground, MOGUERA attempted to attack the Millennian UFO as it was absorbing Godzilla's DNA, but Gigan attempted to attack MOGUERA from behind. Unfortunately for him, MOGUERA dodged the attack with ease, causing Gigan to accidentally destroy the UFO. From the rubble emerged Orga, who MOGUERA attempted to engage, but the mech was no match for the hulking brute. Lifting MOGUERA above its head, Orga proceeded to rip MOGUERA in half - but this only made it easier for the mech to separate into Star Falcon and Land Moguera. In its vehicular forms, MOGUERA was able to continue attacking the aliens with Star Falcon attacking Gigan while Land Moguera distracted Orga. Eventually, Jet Jaguar arrived and defeated Orga, and Gigan was sent into retreat. The Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces would later use MOGUERA to transport captured kaiju to the Monster Islands.

Several years later, MOGUERA was dispatched alongside Mechagodzilla in efforts to stop the Trilopod invasion, attacking the Trilopod hive in Los Angeles. Upon arrival, MOGUERA and Mechagodzilla provided aid to the severely outnumbered Godzilla. MOGUERA rammed itself into the frozen Baragon-Trilopod after it was hit by Mechagodzilla's Absolute Zero Cannon, but was later torn apart by the Kumonga-Trilopod and Titanosaurus-Trilopod. Despite the damage, MOGUERA was able to continue the battle, fighting Magita alongside the other monsters before the giant Trilopod queen was killed by Godzilla.

The wreckage of MOGUERA in Godzilla in Hell

Godzilla in Hell

MOGUERA was involved in a battle with Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla in Rio de Janeiro, but was destroyed during the fight. The remains of the upper half of its body were seen amidst the rubble, with the left side of its head and left shoulder on fire.

Godzilla: Monsters & Protectors

Moguera was seen in a MeToob video thumbnail, captioned "Update Mechworks."

Godzilla: War for Humanity

Super MOGUERA captures Minilla in Godzilla: War for Humanity

Designed by tech billionaire Phazon Fullchech and his company as part of a military contract, MOGUERA was created for the purpose of protecting cities from Godzilla. However, following the appearance of a dangerous new fungus monster dubbed Zoospora, who had the unique ability of turning other kaiju into rampaging zombies by secreting a mysterious substance into their mouths, Fullchech decided to unveil his creation ahead of schedule to a task force assembled to stop Zoospora and proposed that they use it to fight the new monster. After receiving a report that Zoospora was battling Anguirus in Madagascar, Fullchech deployed MOGUERA to their location. Arriving on the scene as Star Falcon and Land MOGUERA, the vehicles ambushed Zoospora to no effect and quickly recombined into MOGUERA. Before the mech could fire its Plasma Maser Cannon, however, it came under assault from a berserk Anguirus, who had previously ingested Zoospora's secretions. Anguirus regurgitated Zoospora's secretions onto the downed MOGUERA before Zoospora tossed Anguirus aside to secrete the substance itself onto the mech, flooding the cockpit and infecting its pilots. With the crew unresponsive, MOGUERA was remotely piloted back to headquarters, where its pilots attacked the staff stationed there before being restrained. Later, the kaiju influenced by Zoospora converged on Tokyo; concerned that MOGUERA would be outmatched, the task force devised a plan to force Godzilla to join the fight by kidnapping Minilla and using them as bait to lure Godzilla to Tokyo.

Because MOGUERA's original pilots were still unresponsive, Fullchech appointed the task force to be its new pilots while MOGUERA was outfitted with various additional weaponry. Rechristened Super MOGUERA, the upgraded mech was deployed to Monster Island and successfully captured Minilla in a net before being attacked by Godzilla, losing an arm in the process. However, Super MOGUERA managed to escape the monster's wrath and made it to Tokyo without further incident. After releasing Minilla, Super MOGUERA proceeded to engage the rampaging kaiju - Anguirus, Gorosaurus, and Manda. The three kaiju immediately overwhelmed Super MOGUERA, with Manda and Anguirus battering it around and knocking the mech into buildings. As Gorosaurus attempted to sever Super MOGUERA's left arm and laser sword, Mothra appeared and saved the crew's lives by attacking Gorosaurus, finally giving them to opportunity to fight back. Unfortunately, the victory was short-lived when the divine moth was suddenly ambushed by the similarly-infected Rodan. Just when all hope seemed lost, Godzilla finally arrived on the scene. With Super MOGUERA suffering catastrophic damage after being constricted by Manda, the crew was forced to retreat and leave Godzilla to battle the monsters alone.

At headquarters, it was determined that Super MOGUERA's hull was cracked, exposing its damaged nuclear reactor and rendering it too dangerous to take back into battle - even as Zoospora appeared in Tokyo and began overwhelming Godzilla. However, after Dr. Yuko Honda's daughter Samantha stole a smaller ship that could attach to Super MOGUERA - Sky MOGUERA[note 2] - and took it into battle against Zoospora. Dr. Honda demanded that the team return to Tokyo immediately to save her; Fullchech relented when it was pointed out that if Godzilla fell to Zoospora's influence, all of humanity would be doomed anyway. Upon returning to Tokyo, the damaged Super MOGUERA rammed into Zoospora and sliced into the beast with its chainsaw arm, freeing Sky MOGUERA and allowing it to safely reattach to Super MOGUERA's back. Super MOGUERA then saved Godzilla by blasting the other kaiju away from him, allowing both of them to focus on defending Minilla. Working in tandem, Super MOGUERA used its Gatling gun to defeat the infected Mothra while Godzilla stopped Rodan with his atomic breath. After Zoospora grabbed Minilla's tail and dragged them away, Super MOGUERA chased after the infant kaiju and severed Zoospora's tendril to free them. While trying to find ways of stopping Zoospora, Dr. Honda recalled an earlier trip the team had made to Mongolia and realized that was where the monster's brain was located, prompting her and her daughter to depart in Sky MOGUERA to stop it. Shortly thereafter, Anguirus rolled into Super MOGUERA and Godzilla, causing further damage to Super MOGUERA's nuclear reactor and risking its detonation. Zoospora then grabbed Godzilla as Super MOGUERA was forced to take on Zoospora's infected army of kaiju alone, using its laser sword to keep them at bay. Fullchech attempted to fire a secret weapon at Zoospora, only for the weapon to fail as all of the mech's functions began failing. Despite the risks, the team refused to abandon Godzilla and decided to sacrifice themselves to stop Zoospora. However, after landing beside Godzilla, the King of the Monsters unexpectedly began absorbing the energy from Super MOGUERA's leaking reactor, allowing him to fire a supercharged blast of his atomic breath straight into Zoospora's mouth. Combined with a simultaneous attack on Zoospora's brain in Mongolia, Zoospora was finally defeated, freeing all infected parties from its influence. With Godzilla having completely absorbed the energy from Super MOGUERA's reactor, the mech harmlessly fell to the ground as Zoospora's body exploded, sparing Tokyo - and the world - from further destruction.


Main article: Moguera/Gallery.


Neither incarnation of Moguera have actual roars, although their weapons, engines and attacks did make sounds. As it walks, the Showa Moguera emits a continuous beeping sound. In Godzilla: Trading Battle, Moguera and MOGUERA were both given the same brief robotic footstep sound. Meanwhile, for Godzilla: Save the Earth and Godzilla: Unleashed, MOGUERA could say its own name; this was sampled from the 1984 LP record Sound Effect of Godzilla 2.

Moguera's sounds in The Mysterians
MOGUERA's sounds in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla and Godzilla: Unleashed


  • Moguera was the first mecha to appear in a Toho film.
  • In Godzilla Final Wars, a Canadian child portrayed by Jordan Fleming is seen playing with several Godzilla toys, and a figure of the Showa Moguera is among them.
  • Episode 48 of the anime Sonic X features Sonic and the gang venturing into a volcano, only to be attacked by a robotic monster named "Mongroun" that looks almost identical to the Showa Moguera. The episode also features numerous other references to Toho kaiju films.
  • The monster Megarion from The Justirisers and Super Fleet Sazer-X serves as a visual homage to Moguera, with a mole-like mechanical appearance and drill-like appendages.
  • MOGUERA's ability to split apart into Land Moguera and Star Falcon is likely inspired by an early version of the Heisei Mechagodzilla that appeared in earlier drafts of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, which would have had the ability to split apart into a tank and a jet plane.
  • MOGUERA is the heaviest mecha in the Godzilla series to date, weighing in at 160,000 metric tons: 10,000 metric tons heavier than the Heisei Mechagodzilla.
  • A new mecha called G-END that was featured in an early draft for Godzilla vs. Destoroyah would have been constructed from MOGUERA's remains.
  • Land Moguera is the largest tank or tracked vehicle in the Godzilla franchise to date.

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