Bat People

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The Bat People in Latitude Zero
Bat People
Nicknames Bat Men, Bat Humans, Blood Rock Keepers
Species Servile Bat Humanoids
Height 2 meters[1]
Wingspan 2.5 meters[1]
Weight 200 kilograms[1]
Controlled by Malik
Relations Malik (Master and Creator)
Allies Malik
Enemies Captain McKenzie & crew,
Created by Shinichi Sekizawa
Portrayed Haruo Nakajima, Hiroshi Sekita, Haruyoshi Nakamura
First Appearance Latitude Zero
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The Bat People (人間コウモリ,   Ningen Kōmori?, lit. Human Bats) are chiropteran humanoid kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1969 Toho film, Latitude Zero.


All of the Bat People are the nearly identical in appearance, all looking like giant bipedal bats. Some Bat People have large pointed ears, while others possess smaller curved ears.


The Bat People are creations of Malik, and are most likely normal humans that were transformed into their current forms by Malik's twisted experiments, since Malik also threatens to turn Tsuruko Okada into a similar creature.


Showa Series

Latitude Zero

The Bat People were among Malik's many terrible creations, and were used to guard his fortress on Blood Rock. When Malik abducted Dr. Okada and his daughter Tsuruko, he used the Bat People to guard them, and later made them force his captives watch as he performed the surgery to create the Griffon. When Captain McKenzie and his crew breached Malik's lab, Malik ordered the Bat People to attack them as he escaped. Using their various glove-mounted weapons, McKenzie and his crew were able to defeat the Bat People and rescue Okada and his daughter.

Go! Godman

Main article: Batman.
A creature called Batman (バットマン,   Battoman?) later appeared in the mini-series, Go! Godman, and was portrayed with a reused Bat Person suit. Not only was it capable of flight, but the monster could also summon invisible explosives and alter its size. These abilities proved to be a hassle for Godman, but he eventually came out victorious.




This is a list of references for Bat People. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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10 months ago
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I quite like these guys. Their suits do look a bit rushed though.


10 months ago
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They're strange and cheap looking, but I kinda like them