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Godzilla® Aquatilis copyright icon
Godzilla® Aquatilis
Godzilla Aquatilis in the first teaser for Godzilla Singular Point
Species Giant aquatic reptilian
Swimming speed 50 knots
Written by Toh EnJoe
Designed by Eiji Yamamori
First appearance Godzilla Singular Point
episode 3, "Tigerish"
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Godzilla Aquatilis (ゴジラアクアティリス,   Gojira Akuatirisu) is an aquatic Godzilla who is first teased in episode 3 of the 2021 animated series, Godzilla Singular Point.


Godzilla Aquatilis has yet to be named within Godzilla Singular Point, and the series' official website simply lists it as "???."[1] The name was first revealed on the Bandai Movie Monster Series figure of the monster.


Godzilla Aquatilis resembles a cross between Godzilla and Titanosaurus. It possesses an elongated body with red skin, a beige underbelly and orange accents along its Godzilla-esque dorsal fins. Aquatilis has peculiar, fin-like forelimbs which are adorned with several claws. Its overall face shape resembles that of Godzilla Ultima, but with antennae similar to Titanosaurus', fins protruding from either cheek, and a single larger fin sitting atop its head. It also has a long tail which terminates with a splayed fin.

Along with the characteristics of both Godzilla and Titanosaurus, Godzilla Aquatilis resembles a Mosasaurus, with a short neck, large jaws, and a long tail.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


900 meters beneath the sea, a large creature was detected moving swiftly on the radar of a nearby submarine. An operator onboard confirmed that the creature was screeching at the sub, and soon began approaching it rapidly.



Godzilla Aquatilis is an adept swimmer, able to traverse the sea at speeds of at least 50 knots.

Pressure resistance

In addition to Godzilla Aquatilis' high maneuverability, it is able to withstand significant underwater pressure, stalking a submarine at depths of 900 meters.



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