Giant Bat (Prophecies of Nostradamus)

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Giant Bat (Prophecies of Nostradamus)
Giant Bat
Alternate names Mutant Bat
Species Irradiated Bat
Height  ??
Length  ??
Wingspan  ??
Weight  ??
Allies None
Enemies None
Created by  ??
Portrayed by None
First appearance Latest appearance
Prophecies of Nostradamus Prophecies of Nostradamus
Design(s) None

The Giant Bats are kaiju created by Toho that appear in the 1974 film, Prophecies of Nostradamus.


Showa Series

Prophecies of Nostradamus

A United Nations investigation team goes missing after being dispatched to New Guinea after a series of freak climate changes occurring across the globe. A second party is sent out to gather information on the incident and to rescue the first party. It is revealed that atomic dust clouds are polluting the interior of New Guinea. The United Nations team is forced to don anti-radiation suits to continue venturing through New Guinea. As they continue their journey, the second party realizes that the local wildlife has been irradiated by the dust clouds. Some of those creatures were the Giant Bats. The Giant Bats assaulted the United Nations team, and the members of the team were forced to duck and cover to prevent the blows from the Giant Bats. Eventually, the group pulled out pistols and shot the bats down, and continued with their journey.

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